Sensible people are the most rational, rational people are very sensible

A friend doing sales, work not long to drink out of the obvious beer belly. He said, drinking is the need to work, many projects, may talk for a long Time there is little progress, but as long as a drink is good, signed down. There is a friend who can please his girlfriend. People ask the secret, the answer is very simple, in each girlfriend angry, doubt or unhappy, without too much nonsense, hug up and kiss on it, a hundred times with a hundred, tried and true.

The problem that can’t be solved by negotiation, can be solved by drinking. Arguments can not solve the problem, hugs can be solved.

By extension, reason can not solve the problem, emotions can be solved. Logic can not solve the problem, intuition can be solved. What science can not solve, religion can solve. What Confucius cannot solve, Zhuangzi can solve.

In this sense, sensual people are actually the most rational, while rational people are very sensual. If a person tries to use reason to solve all problems, he will often fail miserably and die a bloody death without knowing why. — because rational thinking in Life often does not work. Human society will always have a feminine temperament – rather than being persuaded, it prefers to be persuaded; rather than trusting in reason, it prefers to rely on feelings.

If you want to convince customers to buy insurance funds or clothing and jewelry, you don’t need to tell them very well what is good about those products, the more you try to do that, the more likely they are to think that you are fooling them, instead, you just need to make them trust you emotionally, and things will be done.

Therefore, a person should never be proud of their strong level of logic and depth of thought, it’s useless. Even if you think your logic is correct, impeccable to perfect, so what, the more eloquent reasoning is not as simple, more beautiful, more useful than a sincere hug.

A truly rational person must know how to use sensual means to solve difficult problems. Note, not to solve, but to dissolve. Because he knows clearly that rational thinking has too many limitations, and people are spiritual creatures who need to be sensitized.

On the contrary, it is precisely irrational to cling too much to one’s reason, thinking that reason can solve all problems. Such people do not even consider the feelings of others, purely from their own feelings, to their own yes for yes, to the yes of others for no. This kind of person is rational under the surface is the essence of emotion.

Each person’s intellect has its limitations. Each person’s rationality has its own boundaries. One of the basic assumptions of classical economic theory is that “rational man”, if human beings were really that rational, economics would have become a side branch of physics. Modern economics has long developed the concept of “limited rationality”, which recognizes that human behavior is not that rational.

No one can solve all the problems in the world by thinking alone. Newton, Einstein can not, let alone you and me. So, don’t try to figure out everything, that will only get yourself into a terrible swamp of rational thinking. What do you do when you encounter a problem you can’t figure out? Do not think about it, feel it and it will pass. The Zhou Yi – Xian Gua said: feel and then pass.

In ancient times, those who wrote the most beautiful poetry and literature, none of them was in the study of the head of the poor scriptures. They either love the mountains and rivers, or across the rivers and lakes. The things in books are dead, while life is alive. They must go to personally feel everything in heaven and earth, see the autumn and spring, the ice pam and geese return, in order to experience the beauty of the human world is incomparably real. Instead of sitting in silence, meditating on the mysterious thoughts.