How much leeway does Li Keqiang have to play with?

On March 11, Li Keqiang answered questions from reporters after the conclusion of the Communist Party’s National People’s Congress. This year’s Q&A drew even more attention in light of his revelation last year that 600 million Chinese earn $1,000 a month. Some foreign media believe that he did not hail Xi in a high profile and released goodwill to the U.S., still different from some of the wildly popular officials. However, as far as the prospect of his premiership is concerned, he is relatively weak and seems unlikely to have much room for personal play.

During the 110-minute Q&A session, Li spoke about the Epidemic, employment, economic development, U.S.-China relations and Hong KongTaiwan, showing a “moderate” approach in line with the Party’s central government. For example, he used key words such as “patriots ruling Hong Kong,” “opposing interference by external forces,” “non-conflict and non-confrontation,” and Xi’s core. It is clear that CCP officials may keep a low profile, but they must not sing against the party.

Since Li Keqiang took office, he has been seen as a member of the pragmatic faction, so many people have expectations of him. With that said, it is worth looking back at the scene in 1987 when Zhao Ziyang was elected general secretary of the CPC and climbed into conversation with reporters with a glass of wine in hand. That toast raised international expectations for the new leadership of the Communist Party, and many saw in it the possibility of China’s opening up.

In less than two years, however, the baton of “opposing bourgeois liberalization” overwhelmed the winds of freedom, and blood was spilled in the capital on June 4. Zhao Ziyang was removed from his post and placed under house arrest for opposing the forceful crackdown, and he lived a depressed Life. I wonder how many people still remember his words to the young students, “You are still young”?

Learn from the past. Today, the young people back then are no longer young; Hong Kong, which insists on commemorating the June 4 Incident, has already fallen. “One country, two systems” has become “those who love the country rule Hong Kong”, that is, “those who love the party rule Hong Kong”. (It is a travesty that the Chinese Communist Party decides who is a “patriot” and who is not a “patriot.

Last year, Beijing real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang, who comes from a Family of high-ranking Communist Party officials, was expelled from the Party and later sentenced to 18 years in prison for speaking out against the Communist authorities’ mishandling of the epidemic and questioning “the Party media’s surname”. “. The reverse of this statement is the party’s demand: to obliterate humanity and indulge in party spirit.

Humanity is the attribute that makes people human, so what does a political party that forces people to give up their humanity mean for human society? For a hundred years, in countries ruled by communist parties, the population has invariably suffered political massacres, famine and prolonged information control, and the economy has failed to develop benignly, leaving the people in misery.

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin said: “I consider the 70-year experiment of communism on Soviet soil a tragedy for the people! It is a pity that this doctrine took place in our country! Communism is just a beautiful, silly utopia that some countries still hypocritically cling to, but I believe that the people of these countries will slowly discover this fact!”

Now, how many Chinese people have discovered this fact? What did the Chinese Communist Party do after it was established? The murderous land reform and counter-revolution, the “anti-rightist” purge of dissidents, the “Cultural Revolution” that destroyed traditions, the June 4 massacre, the persecution of Falun Gong, the arrest of human rights lawyers, the suppression of Christians and Xinjiang, suppressing the democracy movement in Hong Kong …… and, under the strict internet firewall, the 600 million people in the world’s second largest economy earn only 1,000 RMB per month.

The CCP not only strictly restricts the nation’s right to speak, to know, to believe, to assemble and publish, etc., but also to firmly control people’s spirit and will, especially not sparing tens of millions of Party members. For they had sworn to give their lives to the Party and to “follow it forever.” Therefore, as long as the big machine of the CCP is still turning, any improvement is just empty talk, and no one’s goodwill and conscience will be tolerated by the Party. Therefore, Li Keqiang is in the party, even if he is sympathetic to the bottom masses, what can he play?

Last August, Cai Xia, a former professor at the Communist Party School, was expelled from the Party. Upon hearing the news, she said that she had regained her freedom and completely disassociated herself from the gangster-like party. This Perception should cause the majority of party members to think about it. Whether you are a high-ranking official or an ordinary party member, it would be a life well spent if you could recognize the evil of the CCP, quit this party that promotes lies and violence and poisons fellow citizens, and bring your mind back to the light.