Trump out of major negotiations Japanese Olympic Minister: Olympic program is not vaccinated June 4, the first time after the EU will be sanctioned 4 Chinese Communist officials

Trump again mentions ‘China virus’ as lawmakers propose withholding trillions in Chinese debt

The Chinese virus Epidemic has hit the world hard, and Europe and the United States have demanded that the Chinese Communist Party be held accountable.

On March 10, President Trump commented on the Biden administration’s distribution of vaccines, again mentioning the “Chinese virus” and emphasizing that it was the Trump Administration‘s efforts that allowed Americans to be vaccinated earlier.

During his administration, Trump often emphasized that the COVID-19 virus came from China and criticized the Chinese Communist Party for concealing the outbreak that caused the pandemic in the United States.

On March 11, Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast announced on Twitter that he would introduce a new bill in Congress to permanently withhold trillions of dollars in debt owed to China for the damage caused to the United States by the outbreak. According to Mast’s office, the total outstanding Chinese debt to the U.S. government as of November 2020 is $1.063 trillion.

Fox comments on Biden’s epidemic anniversary speech: not a word about the source, the Chinese Communist Party

On March 11, Biden gave his first speech to the nation since taking office as the WHO declared a full year of the global pandemic of the New Coronavirus (a Chinese Communist virus). Mark Levin, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty and Levin” column, criticized Biden for not mentioning the Chinese Communist Party as the cause of the pandemic and described his speech as “full of propaganda.

In his speech, Biden said it was a war against the virus, and Levin asked, “Who started this war? Communist China, his (Biden’s) friend. What did he say to Communist China today? Nothing!”

In his statement, Biden blamed it on former President Trump for his poor response to the outbreak and downplayed the results of vaccine development efforts during the Trump administration. In response, Mark Levin said the speech came across as completely “egotistical” on Biden’s part. Levin believes that Democrats should give credit to former President Trump. Trump helped New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at the height of the virus’ spread; Trump sent a Navy medical ship to New York Harbor and helped transform the Javits Convention Center into a giant square-cabin hospital; and (the Trump administration) contracted and paid for 800 million doses of vaccines to cover 400 million people.

Biden Team: Pompeo Virus Report Based on “Real Evidence”

The picture shows a heavy police presence in front of the gates of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research as the WHO expert team arrived on Feb. 3.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday (March 9) that Biden recently revisited documents released by the Trump State Department on the Wuhan Institute of Virology and confirmed the accuracy of the data points.

The fact sheet, released by the State Department in mid-January, states that U.S. officials have “reason to believe” that Chinese researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology developed symptoms and discovered the new virus months before the pandemic.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo retweeted the story, writing, “Even the Biden Administration acknowledges that my fact sheet on the Wuhan lab is based on real evidence. No one is questioning the accuracy of the information.”

Against CCP Vaccine Diplomacy, U.S., Japan, Australia and India Divide and Conquer

Faced with the growing threat of “vaccine diplomacy” from the Chinese Communist Party, the leaders of the United States, Japan, Australia and India agreed at a four-nation summit video summit on Friday (March 12) to divide the labor between financing, manufacturing and vaccine distribution, with plans to send one billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Asia by the end of 2022.

The division of labor among the four countries is that India will use its production capacity to manufacture the U.S. vaccine, with funding from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Australia will fund the training and provide logistical support for the distribution of the vaccine. The vaccines would go primarily to the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean countries.

IOC Questioned for Providing Chinese Vaccines, Criticized for “Helping the Tiger” and Taking What It Needs

Recently re-elected International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Maas Bach announced Thursday (11) on his official website an agreement with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to provide new vaccines for athletes at the Tokyo and Beijing Olympics.

In releasing the news, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media also revealed that “for every dose of vaccine purchased by the IOC, China will also provide two more doses to participating delegations, which they can offer to their own populations.”

According to Radio Free Asia, the Chinese Communist Party is using the Olympic Committee to expand its “vaccine diplomacy” and to clear the way for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Yang Haiying, a Mongolian professor at Shizuoka University in Japan, said Japanese society generally does not trust the quality of vaccines produced by the Chinese Communist Party, and questioned Bach’s agreement with the Chinese government to get re-elected.

A statement on the IOC’s official website also said that the IOC rejects lobbying by any political group. However, Yang Haiying said that Bach had shot himself in the foot and that Beijing’s “vaccine diplomacy” was a political act. He believes that he cannot rule out the possibility that the Chinese Communist Party and the Olympic Organizing Committee are staging a joint political show to remove resistance to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Guan Yao, a member of Dialogue China, believes that the IOC has now become a propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party.

Tibetans and other organizations and activists protest the Beijing Winter Olympics in New York on March 11, 2021.

According to Wuer Kaixi, a former leader of the 1989 Academic Movement and deputy secretary-general of the Human Rights Advocates of the Taiwan Legislative Yuan, the IOC is clearly playing the role of a “pawn” in the Chinese Communist Party’s “vaccine diplomacy.