Canada Visa Center is controlled by Beijing Public Security Bureau?

The Canada Visa Application Center in Beijing is operated by Beijing Shuangxiong Foreign Service Company, which is, however, under the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Some of the people working at the visa center are members of the Communist Party of China and graduates of a school that trains elite party members. The news has sparked great concern in Canada’s parliament.

Canada’s immigration minister has told the Parliamentary Committee on Immigration and Citizenship on Wednesday that there are strict security agreements with overseas subcontractors, and that the operation of the agreements will also be closely monitored. On Thursday, the Canada-China Relations Committee invited officials from Public Security Canada, the Intelligence Agency, the RCMP, the Communications Security Bureau and the Border Services Agency to criticize the security services for failing to meet their responsibilities.

MP Stéphane Bergeron asked, “What is going on that Double Hung Services, which is owned by the Chinese Communist authorities, is the only agency that approves the hiring of personnel for the visa center?” MP Jack Harris (R-Texas) also asked, “Does the public safety department provide security advice to the operation of the Visa Centre?”

Canada’s Deputy Minister of Public Safety Rob Stewart and his security department were blasted by MPs for being too slow to respond to the Chinese threat. (Screenshot from video conference)

Canadian intelligence and police chiefs and others were unable to explain why the visa center, the gatekeeper to Canada’s borders, is controlled by the Chinese government, or how well Canada can do its job as a gatekeeper. In the end, Deputy Minister of Public Safety Rob Stewart could only respond, “That agreement was approved by the Public Services Ombudsman and shared by the Department of Immigration.”

The MPs pointed out that it is very dangerous that the visa center contains a lot of personal and important information, but it is easy for the CCP members to get hold of it, and the best way is to cancel the partnership as soon as possible.

The issue of huawei‘s potential infringement on Canada’s national security was also in the spotlight at the meeting. MP John Williamson asked all the officials present who had confidence in Huawei’s involvement in Canada’s 5G construction. As a result, none of the officials responded in the affirmative. However, the federal agency Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is still allocating nearly $5 million to Huawei to support its research work. MPs are puzzled that Ottawa is using taxpayers’ money to undermine the national interest.

According to a new survey released by Maru Public Opinion, 52% of respondents believe China is the biggest security threat to Canada, followed by Russia (42%), North Korea (39%) and Iran (33%). In addition, 55% of respondents said that a global war of attrition involving communist countries is already underway and that China is disrupting and disrupting the sovereignty and political systems of other countries in different ways.

John Wright, executive vice-president of Marie Claire, said that Canadians are generally aware of the various methods of attack that China has used against Canada in recent years, which have had an impact on political, economic and social Life. As a result, the public is eager to see a clear countermeasure to the government’s policy toward China.