Anhui female blind date failed 50 times Dad stared seriously

Girls grow to a certain age, if there is no object, they will be forced by their families to go on a blind date. Recently, an Anhui woman said she failed 50 times on a blind date and returned Home to meet her father’s “death stare”, a serious face waiting at the door.

According to land media reports, March 8, Bengbu, Anhui Province, a netizen uploaded a video on the Internet fire, the video shows that an Anhui woman said she is 29 years old, has failed 50 times, this Time the blind date home to see her father standing in front of the home with a serious look death stare at her, so she felt an invisible pressure, she did not dare to get out of the car to enter the home.

The woman in the video sitting in the car, the front is at home waiting for her father home, the old father wearing blue pajamas, hands behind his back, a serious face, staring dead at his daughter, let people “shiver”.

In this regard, netizens have said, “Do not hurry girl, to marry the right person, do not get married for the sake of Marriage“, “no matter how many times dating, always have to find the right person, the heart can not eat hot tofu ah”, “this dad but The father is a wealthy master, his daughter is not unable to get married, but also have the courage to kidnap his daughter with his eyes”.

There are also netizens flirting: “not much damage, but insulting”, there are also netizens commented: “In fact, sometimes two people are quite suitable, the fault is the fault is a blind date.” There are also netizens said, “This is the look of hate, I wonder if it will eat my daughter!” “The sense of substitution is so strong that I’m already scared.”