Full boycott of elections to preserve the original spirit of democracy

The decision of the Chinese Communist Party‘s National People’s Congress (NPC) to substantially revise the electoral system in Hong Kong was expected, and it is the usual tactic of the Chinese Communist Party to lose and win. In the face of long-term suppression, the democrats should find a consensus as soon as possible so that they can take joint actions.

The Chinese Communist Party will not only guarantee full control over the Legislative Council election and the Chief Executive election, but also amend the rules of procedure of the Legislative Council in the future to be more in line with the interests of the dictatorship.

The most important thing now is to find a consensus, so that some people do not want to run for the election, while others refuse to do so, and then blame and blame each other, which will make things ugly, and in turn make the pro-establishment camp look ridiculous, which will make others proud and destroy their own prestige.

As long as the democrats can find a consensus and refuse to participate in unfair election games, they should call on all Hong Kong people to refuse to vote in all elections, so that the voter turnout rate will be so low that it will become an international laughing stock.

The Chinese Communist Party’s intention is to maintain the false appearance of the elections and the superficial framework of the so-called “one country, two systems”, but also to use false methods to ensure that the power is in their own hands, that is, the rules are set by them, the candidates are chosen by them, the votes are controlled by them, and the election scene is lively and beautiful. Originally, everything can be faked, the turnout is still a real number, but the Chinese Communist Party has no shame and no bottom line, may even dare to falsify the turnout, which we are not capable of. But if the polling day, the polling station is cold and quiet, three or four cats, then in the eyes of the Chinese and foreign media, can also think over half of it.

Under the strike of the National Security Law, the democratic parties are in a state of suspension, how to restore vitality and re-gather popularity, are issues to be considered in the coming period. Some netizens believe that under the National Security Law, left and right are dead, you are not guilty of the Chinese Communist Party to make you guilty, but not all democratic political parties to announce their dissolution, in order to avoid being the Chinese Communist Party want to add to the crime of what is wrong?

In the harsh political atmosphere, of course, we must not hold large-scale rallies and marches in a high profile, and do not make any shocking actions, but we can still find ways to hold small-scale gatherings of various forms, the only way to maintain the fighting spirit and maintain the hearts and minds of the people, how to promote the specific, we need to use our brains together.

One positive result of the trial of the 47 pro-democracy activists is that a great reconciliation has been achieved between the different factions of the pro-democracy camp in the midst of imprisonment, something that has never happened in previous events, and it is the suffering that has brought everyone’s hearts together again. Facing the clutches of the Chinese Communist Party, what is there that our own people cannot understand each other?

With this premise of a great reconciliation, it should be easier than before to find a consensus on struggle strategies in the future. With a consensus that spreads among the public, that way millions of citizens can advance and retreat together, which can also have a huge social effect.

The future election will be very ugly, participation is just to be a vase, for nothing, and for the Chinese Communist Party to round up the lies, create a false appearance, there are a hundred harm but no benefit, so I also advocate universal boycott, voting day to go to the mountains to drink tea, at Home to play games, sing karaoke and play mahjong, in short, a day off for nothing, and do not even watch the TV news.

In the face of the CCP’s barbaric tactics, we still have the freedom to ignore, ignore, not participate, not cooperate, and let them play until they have enough, until they kill each other.

The Chinese Communist Party thinks it has a great ability to kill the crab with a big stone, and the Time and power are on their side, but they will never stop paying a heavy price for their tyrannical politics. They will never be able to reconcile with the people of Hong Kong, they will never be able to reunite Taiwan peacefully, and they will always have to face the siege of Western democracies. The Chinese Communist Party can suppress 7 million Hong Kong people, but they have to pay a disproportionate price for this little “achievement”, and the consequences are irreversible.

Stay united, protect yourself, be able to advance and retreat, gather and disperse at times, face the future with optimism and positivity, and never give up the promise of meeting at the bottom of the pot.