Delete it now! Android “10 apps” invade the account, fearing that all the money is stolen

The use of 3C products, the most afraid of poisoning or hacker intrusion, resulting in private information leaked. The information security research agency recently published a report, naming 10 Android APPs that may be remotely implanted with Trojan horses, making bank accounts tragically intercepted and stealing all savings, advising users to delete the APPs as soon as possible.

According to the report of Threatpost, the information security research institute Check Point Research found 10 malicious software for Android, including Music Player, QRecorder, QR/Barcode Scanner MAX, eVPN (two versions), BeatPlayer (two versions), Pacific VPN, Cake VPN and tooltipnatorlibrary, and urged users to delete them as soon as possible.

The information security research institute explained that the malicious program found is called “Clast82”, which will disguise as harmless QR code scanning, media player, VPN and other APPs, and the program code can even skip the detection system of Google Play, and finally successfully upload to the Android platform for people to download.

The information security research institute revealed that if people download the malicious software to their phones, the App will automatically download mRAT and AlienBot through the remote two Trojan horse programs, and also represents a different mode of theft, mRA will control all operations in the phone, while AlienBot will start from the financial APP, intercepting login credentials and multiple elements due to authentication (2FA), bank accounts will then be invaded, money fears are not protected.

Be careful, even your pension will be stolen in the blink of an eye.

Android 10 malicious APP was named.