21 defendants applied for bail were all rejected, warriors said the judge did not explain the reasons for handling formulaic

Twenty-one of the defendants applied for bail, but all were denied.

In Hong Kong, 47 pro-democracy activists were charged with “conspiracy to subvert state power”. 21 of the defendants who were denied bail filed applications for review, and the hearing was held on Friday (12) at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Court, presided over by Judge So Wai-tak, the president of the National Security Law Designated Judge. Ten people, including Lam Cheuk Ting and Ho Kwai Lan, withdrew their applications, while all the rest of the defendants were denied bail and immediately remanded in custody, saying to the spectators on their way out, “Hang in there, Hong Kong people, go for it!” (Li Zhi Zhi / Liu Shaofeng report)

The hearing will be divided into three sessions, respectively, 9:30 a.m., 10:45 a.m., and 12:00 noon, each session of the trial of six to eight defendants. The unrepresented Leung Fong Wai, Yuen Ka Wai, Ng Man Yee, Lam Cheuk Ting and Yeung Ngok Kiu chose to defend themselves.

Before the hearing began, a large number of people lined up to wait in the queue, and the police were heavily fortified in the vicinity. As the hearing was conducted in stages, the number of people was smaller than earlier, and some Family members and journalists were allowed to enter the main courtroom to listen to the hearing, while the rest of the people could watch the live video recording in the adjacent extended courtroom.

Before the start of the hearing, there are a large number of people waiting in line, the police in the vicinity of the area closely guarded. (Photo by Cheung Chin Ho)

Previously arrested, but not prosecuted American lawyer Guan Shangyi also came to show solidarity. (Photo by Cheung Chin Ho)

Leung Kwok Hung gave a kiss to his wife

Before the trial, the defendants waved to the audience, and Yuan Jiawei, who had braided her hair, raised a heart gesture to her mother. Mao Mengjing bowed her head and folded her arms while listening to the trial, showing her tiredness.

Wu Miner and Candy Chu raised their fingers to their friends and relatives, while Wan Siu Kin lost a lot of weight and acted calmly. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Zou Jiacheng wore a black suit and thanked his friends and relatives for their support.

The most part of the hearing, the courtroom atmosphere is relaxed. He Gui Lan, Lam Cheuk Ting, Sham Ao Fai and others stood up to the family and friends listening to each other to raise the heart gesture, to show support. Aohui Sham and He Gui Lan more excited to embrace, wearing an orange jacket Wang Baiyu asked: “Do the media remember my shirt, in 2015 with to Iga.”

Lam Cheuk Ting, Sham Ao Fai smile to the court

The “V” gesture was held up by Lam Cheuk Ting and said, “I’m so happy to see so many people!” Lam also said to the side of Shum Aohui, “only three of us are in the warehouse, you are good, you have a warehouse Jase, Cadence Chu.”

Lam Cheuk Ting and Sham Ao Fai laughed and praised the treatment of prisoners, saying, “The Correctional Services Department treats us well, and the Hong Kong police is far from good.” Shum also responded, “Stanley prison is good to eat than Mizlian.” Lam said: “There are mixed steak rice, there is juice.” Shum laughed and said, “Chicken has chicken flavor.” Onlookers from Time to time let out a laugh.

11 people were refused bail remand to encourage Hong Kong people to hang in there

However, after listening to the statement, Mr. So considered that there is no circumstantial evidence to change, and again rejected the bail applications of Leung Kwok Hung, Sham Tze Kit, Ng Ching Hang, Leung Fong Wai, Yuen Ka Wai, Wong Tze Yue, Ng Man Yee, Sham Ao Fai, Wong Pak Yu, Yu Wai Ming and Mao Meng Jing, and immediately remanded them in custody. Except for Leung Kwok Hung, Sham Tze Kit, Mao Meng Jing and Yu Hui Ming, the rest of them reserve the right to exercise their eight-day bail review and must appear in court again on March 19.

The courtroom was filled with tears when Yuan Jiawei made her speech, and she left sadly after learning the result; Leung Fong Wai shouted “Hold on, everyone!” when he was escorted. Zou Jiacheng shouted: “Go!” before leaving. Aohui Sham said firmly, “Let’s give it a try!” Wang Baiyu said to his family, “I love you, people! You wait for me!” Yu Wai-ming said, “Hang in there, Hong Kong people, let’s go!”

District Court, Feng Dajun, Huang Zhifeng, Wu Zhiwei, Zhu Kaidi, Yin Zhaojian, Zou Jiacheng, He Guilan, Yang Yueqiao, Lam Cheuk Ting withdrew the application for review, of which only He Guilan reserved the right to exercise the eight-day review of bail.

In addition, Mr. So again rejected the media’s application for the court to strike out the restrictions on reporting bail procedures under section 9P of the Criminal Procedure Ordinance.

Mung Siu-tat: “formulaic” handling of defendant’s application

The director-general of the CTU, Mr. Mung Siu-tat, met with reporters after the hearing and said that although he was not clear about the court’s trial guidelines, he felt that it was a “formulaic” treatment of the defendants’ applications.

The court has not explained the reasons for the decision, but has not given any reasons.

The director-general of the CTU, Mr. Mung Siu-tat, believes that the court’s trial guidelines are unclear and feel that the applications are handled in a “formulaic” manner. (Photo by Cheung Chin Ho)

Leung Kwok Hung’s wife “strange” court bail guidelines are not the same

Leung Kwok Hung bail was denied, his wife Chan Po Ying told the media that the current mood is calm, that the results are expected, but that the magistrate approved bail guidelines are not clear, feel very strange, said after the proposed appeal on the bail results.

Chen Bao Ying said: we do not know so far how the judge’s bail guidelines, our lawyers have pointed out that because there are new developments, by Huang Biyun in yesterday’s appeal court to obtain bail, overturned the decision of the Department of Justice, which is new information, but the judge also could not consider, and finally said that because there is no new justification, it rejected the bail review.

In the case, the court still has to deal with the remaining nine people for the Department of Justice review bail hearing, including Cheng Tat-hong, Pang Cheuk-kee, Ho Kai-ming, Kwok Ka-ki, Lee Yu-sun, Tam Man-ho, Sze Tak-lai, Cheung Ho-sum and Ko Yiu-lam, which will take place on Saturday (13) and next Monday (15) respectively. The judge has indicated earlier that he will rule on each defendant’s review hearing, one by one, and will not hear all the arguments before making a decision.

On March 12, 2021, Leung Kwok Hung’s wife Chan Po Ying (left) said she intends to appeal against the bail result. (Photo by Cheung Chin Ho)