He Jinli’s silence was criticized Biden used the military to fight the culture war.

Support high, Trump raises $3 million after CPAC meeting

Within 10 days of President Trump’s closing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the political action committee he leads has received more than $3 million in donations, Jason Miller, a senior adviser to former President Trump, said in an interview with the Epoch Times. The committee has received more than $3 million in donations.

On the 10th, Miller revealed on Bannon’s “War Room” program that the Save America political action committee (PAC) “The total amount of funds for the current operation is $80 million, and 50 million will be raised in 2021, which is equal to or even more than the amount of funds raised by the Republican National Committee (RNC) during the same period.

Trump recently stated to stop giving money to ‘Republicans in Name Only’ (RINOS). Please send your donations to the ‘Save America Political Action Committee’ through DonaldJTrump.com.

As of today, President Trump has issued a statement officially endorsing eleven Republican candidates for office.

Trump: Democrats must be stopped from pushing HR1 bill

Pictured is former U.S. President Donald Trump speaking at the American Conservative Union Convention (CPAC) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, Florida on February 28, 2021.

U.S. President Donald Trump warned through his advisers that some Democratic lawmakers are pushing an election-specific reform bill.

In a March 12 interview on the Bannon show “War Room Pandemic,” Trump presidential adviser Jason Miller revealed that Trump, referring to H.R. 1, said, “We have to stop this. We can’t let it pass.”

The H.R. 1 bill, also known as the “For the People Act,” passed the House of Representatives in March largely along party lines. The bill would broaden access and coverage by expanding voter registration, mail-in voting, early voting, and including election security measures. Since the bill requires a 60-vote majority to pass, H.R. 1 will face a major hurdle to pass the Senate.

Miller said, “Here’s what he (Trump) said: ‘The media wants to forget what happened in 2020, I don’t, we have a lot of work to do.'”

During an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference late last month, President Trump used critical terms to describe H.R. 1, saying “it’s a disaster” that “effectively eliminates the requirement for voter ID nationwide… …it effectively ends all registration deadlines.”

Mexican President: Biden‘s Sanctuary Policy Fuels Human Trafficking

Pictured is a girl from Honduras holding a sign demanding that President Joe Biden let her in during a demonstration demanding that U.S. immigration policy should be clearer on March 2, 2021.

On March 12, the Epoch Times compiled a report that Mexican President Lopez Ovrador said after a video meeting with Biden on the morning of March 1: “They [illegal immigrants] see him [Biden] as the president of immigrants, so many feel they can reach the United States,” Reuters reported. Ovrador is concerned that Biden’s asylum policies are encouraging illegal immigration and fueling human trafficking at the border.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the number of border crossings encountered by patrols soared to 100,441 in February of this year alone, approaching the mid-2019 mark of 144,116, a 15-year high recorded that year.

Illegal immigrant women at high risk, Biden refuses to acknowledge Texas’ independent response

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 5,204 people crossed the southern border illegally on March 9. In the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas alone, 90,000 illegal border crossers were apprehended in one year in 2020, while 108,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border in less than 2 1/2 months this year.

Texas Governor Abbott said, “The Texas border is in crisis. This crisis stems from President Biden’s open borders policy, which invited illegal immigrants into the United States and created a humanitarian crisis. Now the crisis in Texas is getting worse.”

Brandon Judd, chairman of the National Border Patrol Council, noted that the Biden Administration‘s open borders policy, the Biden administration’s open borders policy, has generated a lot of business for snakeheads and human traffickers, and some women and children have met with misfortune on their way to the United States.

Judd said, “We know to the point that they are being harassed, raped and even killed.”

More than half of state lawmakers call for Cuomo’s resignation after 6th woman accuses him of sexual harassment

(March 9) More than half of New York state lawmakers called on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign on March 11 after a sixth woman accused him of sexually harassing her.

According to multiple media reports, 120 New York legislators have so far called for the governor’s resignation or his impeachment. Of the 150 Assembly members and 63 Senators in the New York State Assembly, 65 Democrats and 55 Republicans have called for Cuomo’s resignation.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is currently investigating the sexual harassment allegations.

However, Vice President Harris remains tight-lipped about Cuomo’s actions. This has sparked strong criticism.

Scholarly Analysis: Hijacking Democracy Democratic Party’s Cohesion Comes from Two Main Points

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks (R-OK) said in a recent interview, “There are dozens of provisions in the H.R. 1 legislation that undermine the sanctity and accuracy of elections, and the massive election problems we saw in a handful of places across the country in 2020 will later become commonplace across America.”

The Epoch Times published an analysis by Chinese American scholar Qinglian He, who said that today the Democratic Party now has three powers in its hands, blatantly satisfying the selfishness of one party. The real bad news comes from the H.R.1 election reform bill submitted by the Democrats on March 2.

Under this electoral model, the Republicans and other parties that want to govern can only hope that the Democrats will grace the “multi-party democracy” with their votes, just as the Tunisian dictator Ben Ali did in his day.

If H.R. 1 is used to fix the 2020 election model, it is not the Republican Party that will die, but the American democratic system.

Whether in terms of organization, social mobilization, or propaganda, the Republican Party is still stuck in the campaign politics of the industrial era, while the Democratic Party has long been a Leninized party that excels in high-tech operations and will adopt the 1984 approach to control society and public opinion.

The cohesiveness of the Democratic Party comes from two main points: the sharing of interests and the unprincipled protection of party members. The former point is characteristic of all modern organizations and political parties, but the latter point is supposed to be characteristic of club organizations and should not be characteristic of political parties in democratic countries. This shortsightedness is mainly reflected in turning a blind eye to any illegal and politically unethical things done by important members of the party, and preventing the pursuit of the matter through various under-the-table actions.

Eric Swalwell, who ignored the Biden Family‘s long-standing sale of influence to foreign countries and slept with Chinese spy Fang Fang, remains in a key position on the House Intelligence Committee. New York Governor Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment by numerous female subordinates after the Epidemic caused the death of a large number of elderly people in a Home for the elderly. California Governor Newsom is embroiled in various corruption and political misconduct scandals, and the “Remove Newsom” campaign in California has collected more than 2 million signatures.

According to Ho, the above approach represents a degeneration of the party. However, for a party that has been abandoned by the backbone of society – small and medium-sized business owners and the working class outside the government civil service – defending shortcomings has become the party’s cohesive force and fighting power.

U.S. Olympic Committee: Opposes Boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics, Wang Dulan Comments

The Voice of America reports that the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee has said it will not boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.

Susanne Lyons, president of the committee, said at a news conference on Oct. 10 that while support for a boycott of the Beijing Games continues, it would be a disservice to the farmer who has been training for the event.

A section of U.S. senators filed a motion last month seeking to change the host country for the Winter Olympics.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently urged President Biden to order a boycott of the Olympics, saying the “abhorrent” behavior of the Chinese Communist Party makes it unworthy of hosting the games.

Apollo.com commentator Wang Dulan commented that from the perspective of the U.S. state, as the leader of the free world, it should boycott. Just like Pompeo said. The decision made by the US Olympic Committee may have an interest in it with the Chinese Communist Party as well. The spirit of the Olympics is to make people better and stronger. But the situation in the U.S. sports world is not good. Recently, there were reports of many rapes by U.S. championship coaches, who eventually committed suicide after being investigated. The USOC’s stance is in line with the Biden regime’s attitude.

Shocker! Chinese vaccine into the Tokyo Olympics without Japan’s knowledge Chinese vaccination rate is only 0.38%