Democratic LA mayor gets $1.35 billion windfall from bailout law: “ecstatic”

The Breitbart News reported Thursday that the city of Los Angeles will receive $1.35 billion from the $1.9 trillion Communist Party viral bailout bill passed by Congress on Wednesday, which Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he was “ecstatic about.

The Communist Party’s viral bailout bill has been enacted repeatedly over the year, mostly by President Trump, often after Democrats delayed it because they didn’t want to see Trump get any political credit.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that political leaders in Los Angeles have been plagued by bad budget news since the outbreak began, with businesses shutting down, tax revenues plummeting, tourism hollowing out and a fiscal gap that has steadily grown to $750 million.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti received an unmistakably positive sign of a turnaround when the (Democratic-led) federal government passed a massive relief package that is expected to send $1.35 billion directly to Los Angeles. The legislation is expected to provide $306 million to San Diego, $192 million to Oakland and $223 million to San Jose. Los Angeles County will receive more than $1.9 billion.