Biden makes it official: All U.S. adults to be vaccinated by May 1

In his first prime-Time address in the East Room of the White House as the new crown Epidemic raged for about a year, Biden said, “A year ago, we had a silent attack of a virus that spread uncontrollably, and we all lost something, and I know it was tough. But on my 60th day in office, we’re actually on track to reach our goal of hundreds of millions of vaccinations administered.”

Biden hinted that the U.S. is likely to exceed the goal initially set, which was to complete 100 million vaccinations on his 100th day in office. In addition, he also said that more and more adults are being vaccinated, which also includes teachers, members of the mass transit sector and other communities, and that the pace of mass vaccination can be accelerated in the future so that schools can start safely, “I will not be soft until we defeat the new coronavirus.”

At the same time, Biden also stressed the importance of wearing masks, urging all Americans to continue to wear masks and not let up, “If we let the situation change because we don’t stay vigilant, we may have to resume restrictions to get back on track.”

Biden expressed hope that the United States can return to normal Life before the Fourth of July, which is expected to open small party barbecues, and this is not only to commemorate the Fourth of July, but also to celebrate the United States out of the virus haze.