Biden’s dementia too obvious for White House staffers to hastily plan roadshow to promote He Jinli’s rise to power

U.S. media outlet Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday that it looks like the first phase of the Communist Party’s Joe He Jinli power system, phase one, will soon be over. Even with the fake news media covering it up, White House handlers are having a hard Time covering up Biden‘s dementia. It’s no longer a secret.

Biden’s sluggishness and faltering movements have forced Democrats to plan for an earlier than expected, rollout of the second phase of the system. Biden’s staffers are organizing a road show to get Hejlinski to show up more often as Biden continues to falter.

Biden is planning more media outreach, major speeches and addresses to Congress, according to Politico. Biden is scheduled to give his first primetime address since taking office on Thursday, which will focus on the Epidemic. Later this month, Biden will hold his first news conference. Biden has also promised to deliver a still unscheduled address to Congress. At all of these events, Vice President He Jinli will be heavily involved.

The Gateway Pundit commented that Biden’s time is coming to an end. Biden has served the elite well. Now it’s Harris’ turn, and the second phase of the regime has arrived.

Tricia Flanagan, who is running for the New Jersey Senate, tweeted Tuesday, “I can’t remember if there was ever that vice president in the history of American presidents who always followed his boss so closely. Why does Harris always follow Biden?”

I don’t recall anytime in American Presidential history where a VP has hovered so much behind a President.

Why the constant presence of Kamala Harris?

  • Tricia Flanagan (R-NJ)(@NewDayForNJ) March 9,2021