Canadian MP Zhao Jinrong: Should give up illusions about the Chinese Communist Party

In 2017 JIBC opened a new campus in Vancouver specifically to train CCP police officers, and has already trained about 2,000 of them. (Screenshot from JIBC website)

The national security crisis triggered by the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) training program for Chinese Communist police officers, with the exposed infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into Canada, is a wake-up call for Canadians. The Epoch Times reporter received confirmation from the BC Department of Adult Education that the provincial government is reviewing the program.

MPP Jinrong Zhao said in an interview that it is not enough to review it now, and that action should be taken. Canada should give up its illusions about the Chinese Communist Party.

BC provincial review of the project is not enough

“The Chinese government is a strategic threat,” David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has recently said publicly. “China is seeking to steal valuable Canadian technology and is attempting to eliminate voices critical of Beijing.”

Zhao Jinrong said, “It seems like an afterthought that the provincial authorities have not bothered to review it until now. Probably from that Time in 2017 when (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau visited China, plus the Meng Wanzhou case and the two Michael’s case (Note: The arrest of huawei‘s finance director Meng Wanzhou was followed by the detention of Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor in China, which was considered a retaliatory action by the Chinese Communist Party against Canada), etc., actually in the Canada-China relations have already gone downhill in the past few years. So if it’s only now that the program to train Chinese police officers is going to be reviewed, I think it’s really not enough.”

He came across an interview with Kash Heed, a former attorney general in the BC Liberal government and former police chief in Vancouver. “I agree with what he said in the report. The relationship between Canada and China today is such that this training program should not be allowed to continue. It would be a great pity if the provincial government had not made a decisive decision by today.”

The essence of the Chinese Communist Party has never changed Canada must abandon its illusions

The Liberals, more than 20 years ago, had a narrative of aligning with China and having their judicial officers and prosecutors come to Canada to learn how we do prosecutions,” said Jinrong Zhao. To this day, the Chinese justice system still has a conviction rate of over 99%. In other words, if he arrests you, it’s almost 100 per cent conviction.

“The so-called legal professionals we trained more than 20 years ago, under today’s Chinese legal system and judicial system, are still making over 99% conviction rate, and we have not seen any change. We have not seen any change. Have they not also handed down many wrongful convictions and unjust cases? In a way, by training them, we are aiding and abetting the enemy? It’s naive to have illusions about a justice system with such a background.”

On the contrary, it is very easy for the CCP to change people. Zhao Jinrong said, “You don’t have to look at anything else, the transition from the Hong Kong ‘Royal Police’ to the current Hong Kong ‘SAR Police’, in such a short period of time, they can all leave behind the good traditions of the Hong Kong police in the past 150 years, the respect for This is because of political pressure. So very often I think can we stick to what is right? That’s the big question.”

According to Kam Wing Chiu, our problem in Canada, historically speaking, is that many times we always carry a very romantic, fantasy (Rosy Eyes) view that the world is perfect, overly optimistic that by having exchanges, dialogues and communications with totalitarian countries, we can change each other, thus making them less oppressive to their own nationals and less oppressive to people of different religions. Not seeing how complex and dangerous it actually is behind these totalitarian states in many cases.

“The Liberal Party patriarchs, in particular, started engaging with the Communist Party in the 1970s, and we did so at a time when China was going through the Cultural Revolution and a lot of people were dying, but the Canadian government was going to go and establish diplomatic relations with it. Why not go do something to defend Canada’s interests?”

“You need to know that the Chinese Communist Party is in control of China and says it is in line with the world, but it has its own set of practices and its own agenda behind the scenes. When you are very romantically open to it, there are a lot of things that it will use its relationship with you to possibly get down to.”

It is these politicians and governments that need to guard the security of their own citizens that are to blame. Zhao Jinrong questioned, “How can it still happen against the backdrop of arresting two of your nationals, unilaterally setting up barriers in so much trade, and many other people who are not so famous being arrested by the Chinese Communist government, not just JIBC training Chinese (Communist) police, but also the Canadian military helping the Chinese army with winter survival tactics training? “

The pursuit of profit at the expense of national security is not worth the loss

As media reports of JIBC Judiciary’s international program revenue grew from $600,000 per year in 2013 to $2.3 million in 2018, many wonder if there could be any interest in the partnership. Kash Heed also questions whether it could be the government making money through JIBC.

I don’t know if our government is that eager to make money,” said Jinrong Zhao. I don’t know if our government is that eager to make money, but it is certain that somehow it was lobbied and thought it was okay. I don’t know. Until I see any evidence, I’ll look on the bright side. It could be my naivety, my innocence.

“These acts, if they do exist, even if we don’t see them now, I need to believe that in our open and transparent country, society, and with some responsible media coverage like yours, they will always come to light, and one day the sun will shine into the dark places. This is a hope that we as Canadians should not give up.”

Zhao Jinrong said he doesn’t understand how JIBC can train Chinese Communist Party judicial and law enforcement officers, “Training Chinese police is a tailor-made program. However, our two judicial systems are completely different. Ours is called Common Law, which is very different from the Civil Law implemented in China, and police enforcement is also very different. One assumes you are innocent, the other wants you to prove you are innocent.”

“For these teachers who train CCP public security and state security officers at JIBC, they may not know much about reality, and they may not know much about how the rule of law (Rule of Law) in the world is different from the rule of law (Rule by Law) in the CCP, unfortunately.”

The government should respond strongly to prevent further Chinese Communist infiltration

According to information made public by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and other relevant authorities, the training program for Chinese Communist police officers threatens Canada’s national security. Jinrong Zhao argues.

“First of all, the provincial government should not have come to the review now, what else is there to review? Now is the time to act!

“Second, the Ottawa side should have picked up the phone and called the BC Premier. The gun has to be fired at a critical time. Now with the Epidemic from the CCP and the two Michael’s being held up is the best time to put the program on hold just in time.

“Also, these programs should be re-evaluated every few years, are the goals being met or not? Just how effective are they? And then decide whether to continue. These things are to be done.

“It may be that when it was conceived, it was thought that the program was not endangering national security, but then there were reports from the Canadian National Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) that there were issues that posed a threat to national security, or there were some different diplomatic divergences, and then adjustments had to be made.”

In response to reports that a program to help the Chinese Communist military with winter training was cancelled by the Canadian Department of National Defence, this came after the two Michael’s were detained. After the military cancelled the program, the Foreign Ministry put a lot of pressure on the military, and people in the Prime Minister’s Office said it shouldn’t have been done. Jinrong Zhao believes that the government should not be weak in responding to issues involving national security.