He Jinli calls European leaders again, communicates individually with foreign heads of state with rare frequency

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris made a separate call to Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Tuesday, March 9, and said the United States is committed to strengthening its alliance with Norway.

Since the Biden administration took office, He has spoken alone with foreign heads of state several times, previously speaking alone with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; she has also spoken alone with Israeli Prime Minister Nathaniel Netanyahu. Some analysts say that Vice President He Jinli is in a better position than all previous U.S. vice presidents.

After the call with Solberg, the White House issued an announcement saying, “The vice president thanked the prime minister of Norway for the close security partnership between Norway and the United States and Norway’s generous contributions to global health security and development.”

Fox analysts believe that while Herjenri’s political experience is primarily in U.S. domestic affairs, her frequent separate calls to world leaders indicate her desire to become more involved in U.S. foreign policy. This may cause international leaders to see He Jinli as a successor to Biden and be willing to build a relationship with her.

A European diplomat told Politics Week in February, “The international community is looking at her as a successor to a U.S. president in waiting, and this is more evident in her than in previous vice presidents of previous U.S. administrations.”

He Jinli also recently participated in the first round of bilateral meetings between the U.S. and Canadian governments. This was an opportunity that Biden, who was Obama’s vice president, did not even have back then.

It is known that Vice President Pence did occasionally speak directly with world leaders during the Trump administration, but it was mainly Trump himself who spoke with leaders of other countries. During the Obama administration, as the Obama administration’s top ambassador, Vice President Biden has visited more than 50 countries. But he also rarely speaks to foreign leaders alone.

Biden has spoken by phone with leaders of Canada, France, Japan, Mexico, Germany, South Korea and other friendly countries since taking office on Jan. 20, as well as with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.