The Hong Kong government revealed that more than 40 people were hospitalized after vaccination The Democratic Party urged to call off the elderly group

The Democratic Party urges the Hong Kong government to stop vaccinating the elderly and to set up a “vaccine rights hotline”. (Photo: Cheng Ming)

After three cases of death from mainland vaccination in a week, the Hong Kong government revealed yesterday (8) that it had received at least 45 serious cases of vaccination requiring hospitalization. The Hong Kong Democratic Party held a press conference on Tuesday (9), demanding the authorities to stop allowing the elderly to receive vaccines without sufficient clinical data, and to set up a hotline to help people with problems.

The Hong Kong government is vigorously promoting vaccination against the Chinese Communist virus, with the first batch of the mainland-developed Kexing vaccine coming to Hong Kong. In the past week, there has been a spate of deaths and discomfort among the public after receiving the vaccine. So far there have been three deaths, all of them elderly people.

The Hong Kong government did not announce until Monday that it had received at least 45 unanticipated and serious incidents of hospital admission after receiving the Wuhan pneumonia vaccine, including a 74-year-old female patient who was admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital on March 7 for treatment of left-sided weakness after receiving the Kexing vaccine on March 1, after a computer scan showed a hemorrhage in the right side of the brain and a hemorrhagic stroke. The patient had a history of diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

The Hong Kong government also suddenly announced late Monday night, as of Monday (8) 00:00 am, the past 24 hours a total of eight cases of vaccination after hospitalization, including two people vaccinated with BioNTech Fubatai vaccine, is the Fubatai vaccine since the beginning of the first case of hospitalization.

The two women, aged 49 and 60, felt chest discomfort, burning and rashes on their hands and arms after receiving the vaccine at the Hiu Kwong Street Gymnasium in Kwun Tong and Lung Sum Road Gymnasium in Sheung Shui on Sunday, and were sent to hospital for treatment without the need for hospitalization.

In addition, there are six cases of discomfort after vaccination Kexing vaccine, aged 45 to 76 years old, including a 66-year-old woman in Kwun Chung Vaccination Center, after vaccination chest pain and palpitations, hospitalized in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the situation is stable.

The Democratic Party held a press conference on Tuesday (9) to focus on the death of a member of the public after receiving the vaccine. The Democratic Party’s deputy spokesman for medical policy and Sham Shui Po District Councillor Yuen Hoi Man questioned why the government still pushed for vaccination for the over-60s group despite the fact that the vaccination for people over 60 years old should take into account their personal health conditions and risks. He is worried that some elderly people living alone may not have enough ability to make a judgment before vaccination.

Yuan Haiwen urged the government to stop allowing the elderly to vaccinate, to avoid unnecessary risk to the elderly: “Hong Kong’s infection rate is actually far worse than in Europe and the United States, Hong Kong may be compared with Taiwan or other places, may be higher, now more than 10 cases, the peak of 100 cases. But with overseas places (comparison), by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, we vaccination brings the risk, there may be higher than the risk of infection without vaccination is not surprising.”

The Democratic Party said it will set up a “vaccine rights hotline”, if the public or their relatives after vaccination after any side effects, want to make recovery or follow-up matters, you can contact the concern group team, will get assistance and including legal support.