Chinese Communist Party’s two sessions hide infighting, Wang Yang and Li Keqiang play a double act or fight each other?

The top echelon of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will be replaced at the 20th Congress next year. This year, the two sessions of the Communist Party are calm on the surface, but hidden in the fierce infighting. Some analysts believe that in the state of struggle before the completion of the CCP’s power reshuffle, the human rights situation on the mainland needs to be closely monitored. In addition, Wang Yang and Li Keqiang each said something on the issue of Hong Kong and Taiwan, commentary analysis, may be the two singing a double act.

The two meetings of the Communist Party of China are full of sharp edges, and Xi Jinping‘s cup has become a point of observation for infighting, with one person using two sets of cups and a person pouring water, highlighting the status of the “one”, but also reflecting unease and fear of backstabbing. The fire-fighting chief, Wang Qishan, spoke at the Hunan delegation and mentioned Xi Jinping eight times.

The party’s internal war is expected to come to the surface in 2022, according to the analysis of Akio Yabata, who has been stationed in Beijing for a long Time.

Japanese senior media person Yaban Akio: “Xi Jinping constantly emphasizes the struggle, then Li Keqiang constantly emphasizes the stability of stability, then Wang Yi on many occasions are showing loyalty, but in other words also belong to their competition, this high tension has reached a state of saber-rattling.”

One of the two meetings to watch, the Chinese Communist Party group of CPPCC Chairman Wang Yang, Premier Li Keqiang, in Taiwan and Hong Kong issues, left and right to fight each other. When it comes to Hong Kong, Wang Yang does not mention one country, two systems, emphasizing the so-called “patriots ruling Hong Kong”; Li Keqiang emphasizes “one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, and a high degree of autonomy”. When it comes to Taiwan, Wang Yang does not mention peace, but says the initiative, the time and the situation are in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party; Li Keqiang mentions the so-called peaceful reunification.

Japanese senior media person Yaban Akio: “(Wang and Li talk about Hong Kong) this has a big difference, (left and right) right. And then what does it say in Xinhua News Agency’s? I can’t find Li Keqiang’s picture on the website. Although the government work report is read by Li Keqiang, but that is something adopted by the Politburo well.”

Current affairs commentator Thump: “The two people have both (CCP) black and white face of the ingredients, but also really for the 20th Congress, that is, the position can keep, keep, or save a component of Life.”

Chinese Communist Party power struggle follow-up observation point, Thumper believes that Xi Jinping may not rule out the State Council, the Military Commission, the Politburo Standing Committee, structural changes to ensure that in the twentieth Congress to be able to handpicked personnel layout.

Yapan raised three points: whether the 69-year-old Xi Jinping will be re-elected as an exception, whether he will be re-elected as party general secretary or as party chairman, and whether the 67-year-old Li Keqiang will continue to stay at the top; whether three possible candidates will enter the Politburo Standing Committee, including Hu Chunhua, and Xi’s successors Li Qiang (Party Secretary of Shanghai) and Chen Miner (Party Secretary of Chongqing).

Yabata worries that in the state of extraordinary struggle before the completion of the CCP’s power reshuffle, human rights across mainland China need close attention from the outside world, except for the focus on Hong Kong, Xinjiang and other places.

Japanese senior media person Akio Yabata: “Many places we can not see, there will be many, many of this human rights, humanitarian tragedies will certainly happen again; (need) everyone through various channels, to tell the truth.”