In front of such women, I was ashamed of myself

A woman can crush a man to a great extent, yesterday I have seen. I have never met her, but she has begun to bear for me what I should have endured, and I only dare to express my shame in my circle of friends, in this public number that can bring me wine money, not dare to put a fart.

I have to tell another story of a woman from the old days who also carried everything in a Life and death situation.

The story comes from a collection of notebook novels by Qing Dynasty Writer Xuan Ding, entitled “Night Rain and Autumn Lantern Record”, and takes place in the Xianfeng period, in the famous Taierzhuang.

At that Time, Taierzhuang belonged to Yì County, a town with the best economy in the county because of its proximity to the canal and developed transportation. There was a big Family in the town, surnamed Wang, and one of them had a pair of sons and daughters, the son was called Mao Xiu, a Xiucai, who moved around as a private school teacher.

The main character of the story is the daughter of this family, that is, Mao Xiu’s sister, nicknamed Dagoo, looks charming, but also gifted and intelligent, since childhood, I like to read the story of the martyred women, often moved by the characters in the book.

After she grew up, Wang Dagui also married a showman. Unfortunately, her husband had a chronic lung disease, often coughing more than once. Married only half a year, Wang Dagui in the old herbalist, three times in a row cut off their own arm meat, boiled into a Soup for her husband to drink.

Finally, of course, the cure is not good, after the death of her husband, the great aunt wanted to martyr her husband, for fear of relatives sad before giving up.

After the death of her husband, there was no one at Home, and the great aunt was as poor as ever. Mao Xiu felt sorry for his sister, so he took her back to his mother’s house and said to her, “I serve our Parents day in and day out, it is also very hard, I have to thank my sister. The great aunt said, “I can’t help it. So she took on the responsibility of taking care of her parents with all her might, more than her brother, and the whole clan praised her.

If this is the only story, it is not worth telling, because the great aunt acted in such a way that she was completely brainwashed by the three principles and five rules to make such unnecessary sacrifices, especially cutting the flesh of her own arm to cure her husband, which could not be more stupid – what moved me is the story behind.

Xianfeng eight years (1858) summer, there is news that the twisted army sweeping Henan, Anhui, Shandong, will soon come to Taierzhuang plunder. The town was in a state of panic and fear. The patriarch appealed to the whole clan to move far away because the twists were so powerful that the local government army would not be able to carry them.

What is the twisted army? To put it simply, it is a low version of the Taiping Army. To put it nicely, it was also a peasant rebel army; but in the official context, it was a bandit, and in the minds of many people, it was also a bandit, because they were robbing everywhere they went. When the Taiping army fought in the area of Wan, Lu and Su, the twisted army also joined in an independent and integrated way, splitting and merging. Therefore, the Qing government called the Taiping Army “Long Hair” and the Twisters “Mao bandits”.

The Wang clan in Taierzhuang was a large clan with many wealthy families, and the problem faced by the whole clan in moving far away was that it was troublesome to bring the family belongings and softwares. When the clan was discussing, the eldest aunt came forward and said, “We rely on ox carts to escape in a hurry, and we can go faster if we carry people, but it will be very slow if we carry heavy things, and we will definitely lose our lives for our money when we meet thieves; even if we don’t meet thieves, we will be coveted by bad people. I mean, human life is far more important than property, why not on the ground for the New Year – (Oh no I’m cheap) – on the ground to dig a pit, the property hidden, we empty-handed by ox cart, in order to grab speed to escape from the tiger.”

This statement, everyone nodded their approval and immediately implemented.

After burying the belongings, the whole clan of more than 100 people immediately escaped by ox cart. Only ten miles after leaving the village, they encountered the vanguard of the twisted army, which viciously stopped the whole clan and searched them one by one, but got very little. The leader of the twisted army was not stupid, and when he saw that these people were not poor, he drew his sword and shouted: “You are too cunning! Tell me where the Gold and silver treasures are hidden, if you don’t tell me, you will all die!”

The whole clan is ashen, you look at me I look at you dare not say anything.

At the critical moment, Wang Da Gu smiled and got off the bullock cart, straightened her dress, went forward and saluted, saying, “Don’t be angry, they are all peasants, and they are dumb and stupid. I am the one who keeps the keys to the vault for them, there must be real money and silver, all buried underground. Look, those houses in the woods ahead are our settlement. I can be the leader of the party, for the king to point out the excavation, no more, at least 100,000 silver at hand. Otherwise, the king will kill us all and not get a single penny.”

The general of the twisted army was delighted to hear that the woman was good-looking and could talk, so he believed that what she said was true, and with a wave of his hand, he released the whole clan and commanded the army to follow Dagoo.

The great aunt calmly in front of the road to lead, and find opportunities to secretly turn back, signaling the clan to flee.

After walking for more than a mile, came to a very large village, the great aunt into a mansion, deceiving the thieves said, this is my house. So broke the door and entered, first asked the leaders to sit down in the living room, picked up the floor left bushel fan, while shaking while saying: “You have traveled a long time, should be hungry and thirsty, please take a break, I will go inside to make some tea, a little bit of hospitality. Then prepare some hoes and dustpans to dig my house first, and then the other homes.”

The twisted army leader heard, are smiling and nodding, the weak woman in front of them has long been a turtle in a jar, so she can not escape, so relax, open chest and back, east and west, singing with joy.

After a long time, the day is late, said to go in to make tea the great aunt has not come out. A few of the thieves ran to the house to search, astonished, it turned out that the great aunt had hung herself, the body began to freeze.

The thieves found out that they had been fooled, angry and wanted to insult the body of the great aunt. Unexpectedly, just put her down from the beam, a thief suddenly screamed and fell to the ground dead, others look, the back of his head like a hammer blow, it did not take long to die. These thieves usually stammering, now also understand that the martyr woman can not be offended, all kneel down, and then evacuate the place.

The brother of the great aunt Mao amended from the field dismissal home, on the way to hear about the Taizhuang Wang woman sacrificed herself to save the whole clan, on the spot cried out: “This must be my own sister ah!”

When he arrived at the place where the clan had taken refuge, his family had already carried the body of the great aunt back, and the whole clan was crying around the body.

Mao Xiu cried while asking about the details at that time, and finally fell on his sister and cried out loudly, “Sister, you are so miserable!” Later, when he thought of something, he stood up again and laughed long and hard: “My sister is amazing! She sacrificed herself to save her parents’ lives and even the lives of her whole clan, something that is very difficult to obtain even for a man, let alone a woman. No wonder my sister often cried when she read “The Martyr’s Tale” as a child. Such chastity and filial piety, martyrdom and resourcefulness, who else but my sister could have done it!”

At the end of the story, the author comes forward to comment that

Wang’s clan of more than a hundred people, suddenly encountered the atmosphere of thieves, why not a battle to end? The reason why they are waiting to die is that they see the thieves as tigers and wolves. And the great aunt see it, straight dogs and pigs is not as. Aunt of the festival can also cry, filial piety can also be respected, strong can also be sad, wisdom can also be happy, the thief’s foolishness is also ridiculous.

Wang clan has more than a hundred people, suddenly encountered thieves, why not fight to the death? The reason why the hands are tied is that in their eyes, thieves are as scary as tigers and wolves. But in the eyes of the great aunt, thieves are worse than dogs and pigs. Dagoo’s festival, filial piety and martyrdom are really respectable and pathetic; her resourcefulness is even more admirable; and the stupidity of those thieves is really ridiculous.

To paraphrase some verses, that is.

More than a hundred people unpacked their armor
None of them is a man
The wind is dashing and the water in the hills is cold
The chivalrous woman never returns when she is gone

This story should not be invented by the author.

On the Internet, we can find the “Yixian Zhi” contains: “the eight years of Xianfeng Wwu autumn September non Yin Hi, twisted bandits Zhang Le form, Liu Tianfu scampered into the Taizhuang”; “to Taizhuang as a huge town in Yixiang, merchants converge, rich in the county several times, seek to attack the”.

County records say the time is autumn and September, the story says it is summer, this can be ignored, after all, September is really difficult to distinguish between summer and autumn. Zhang Lexing, Liu Tianfu, the leader of the twisted army, raided Taierzhuang because it was the richest town in Yixian County, with more merchants and an economy several times better than the county.

What about the defense of the official soldiers? The county records said, “when the city of Tai long abandoned, the Senator camp only a few hundred old and weak, and more than empty, the hastily can not defend, so fled. First, the city defense is in disrepair, the second is only a few hundred old and weak veterans of the Senatorial Battalion guard, can not resist the wolf-like twisted bandits, so the city and fled.

So the people of the city just let the bandits slaughter them?

No, there is another story of resistance to the bandits recorded in the county records.

Ma Yude, character Runting, was a native of Taizhuang. Xianfeng eight years in October winter, twisted bandits tens of thousands of people across the river to attack, Yuk Tak rate trainers 300 people to defend it. When the bandits and the sharp, the practice of a collapse, Yuk Tak alone with more than ten daredevil soldiers to fight the, hand-killed several of the kung fu. The thieves were furious, wielding the crowd around the several turns, yude degree can not get off, kill themselves to death.

The person called Ma Yude Taierzhuang, according to other information, was seventy years old, but the old is strong, in the chaotic world of self-preservation, set up a regiment of more than 300 people, daily exercises, so that small groups of bandits do not dare to touch Taierzhuang. Xianfeng eight years in October winter, when tens of thousands of twisted bandits to attack, Ma Yude rate of three hundred warriors to hit the stone, but the bandits are in full force, the warriors are scared, a touch of collapse, only Ma Yude and a dozen dead soldiers courage to go forward, and killed a few twisted bandits, and finally surrounded by heavy forces, Ma Yude know that they can not escape, the battle to the last moment, waving a knife to kill themselves.

Coincidentally, eighty years later, in 1938, the frontal battlefield, the Sichuan army division commander Wang Mingzhang, also in the bloody battle of Taierzhuang outnumbered, fighting to the last moment, suicide martyrdom.

From Ma Yude to Wang Mingzhang, there is no shortage of hot-blooded men in this land, which has cleared the shame of “no one is a man” in front of the bandits. But these male heroes, still can not hide the light of Wang Dagou “to save all lives by giving up one”.

Today, this story can be seen as a tribute to a heroine by a cowardly male literati, which is the only way to reduce the shame in the heart. If there is a reward, I solemnly promise that all of it will go to me personally, selling wine to help embolden, to see if the year of the bull can rise a little.