Anti-vision degeneration 8 recommendations

For how to prevent vision degeneration, physicians have eight recommendations.

1) Tension, impatience, depression, pessimism and other negative emotions tend to occur when the eyes are uncomfortable, you can stabilize your emotions through Music, listening to the radio, drama, etc.

2) Live a regular Life and get enough sleep.

3) Close your eyes often and nourish your eyes; avoid using your eyes for a long Time.

4) Pay attention to the cleanliness of eyelids and eyelashes when washing your face, and use hot towels to apply hot compresses to help reduce fatigue and increase tear secretion.

(5) Do not wear contact lenses for too long, and remove them immediately when you feel uncomfortable.

(6) To avoid the stimulation of strong light on the eyes, avoid direct sunlight, welding light, strong lightning, laser, etc.; go out to wear sunglasses.

7) Usually lower the room temperature and increase humidity to reduce the evaporation of tears.

8) Food should be light and nutritious, avoid spicy, greasy fried food and tobacco, alcohol, strong tea, coffee and other strong stimulating condiments, such as: onion, garlic, chili, etc.. You can always eat foods with the effect of strengthening the spleen and brightening the eyes, such as lily, wolfberry, chrysanthemum, yam, astragalus, etc.

Acupressure to protect the eyes

If you have vision degeneration problems, Dr. Lin reminded that you should seek medical attention in a timely manner to avoid delaying the condition. The treatment process can be combined with the following eye care methods.

● Acupressure: Use your thumb and index finger to press these points in a circular motion for 2 minutes each time.

▪ Zanzhu: Located on the face, in the depression of the inner edge of the eyebrows (when the eyebrows are trapped in the middle, at the supraorbital notch).

■ Fish Waist: Located on the forehead, directly above the pupil, in the middle of the eyebrows.

▪ Eyelid: located on the inner side of the eye, in the depression slightly above the inner corner of the eye.

Note: The patient should be asked to adopt a sitting or supine posture when taking the points.

● Eye movement (eye movement)

With eyes closed, rotate both eyes 14 times; close them tightly for 10 seconds and open them suddenly. It is a normal reaction if the eyes feel slightly sore, numb, swollen and itchy.

● Look into the distance

Don’t look at near objects all the time; give yourself a chance to look at distant sights and let your eyes slacken.

Dr. Lin Liming of the health Care Chinese Medicine Clinic