Xi Jinping speech NPC delegates busy taking notes Netizen: more like North Korea

On March 5, Xi Jinping attended the deliberations of the Inner Mongolia delegation and delivered a speech. When Xi Jinping was speaking, all the NPC deputies sitting on the stage were ambling on the table to take notes. Netizens said that it was too much like North Korea, and that it might be just like North Korea in the future.

On March 5, Xi Jinping attended the deliberations of the Inner Mongolia delegation at the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress, according to the official media of the Communist Party of China. Xi made a speech. He first expressed his full approval of the government work report and fully affirmed the work of Inner Mongolia over the past year. Speaking about the “report on the special rectification of irregularities and violations in the field of coal resources,” Xi said, “When the Communist Party officials, when the people’s public servants, taking national resources to engage in bribery, to engage in power and money transactions, this account always has to be settled.”

The video posted by netizens shows that Xi Jinping was speaking when all the deputies sitting on the stage were lying on the table taking notes.

Some netizens said, “Why is there always a group of people around Kim Jong Un furiously taking notes? According to John Everard, a former British ambassador to Pyongyang, it is a long-standing North Korean tradition for everyone to pretend to take careful notes of every word when the leader is present, even senior officials, Business Insider reported. Grayson said. It is not uncommon for North Korean officials to be severely punished at every turn for similar trivialities. According to South Korean intelligence agencies, five senior officials in North Korea’s Ministry of National Security were executed with anti-aircraft guns for angering Kim Jong Un by providing “false” reports.

Commenting on Xi’s words about settling the score, netizens said.

“They have said all the beautiful things and done all the unethical things, without the system and legal system, it is a joke to talk about anti-corruption.”

“A serious nonsense, this realm has exceeded the movie emperor. After the meeting, open a bottle of 1.2 million short mouth Maotai to celebrate, after the wine spit out the truth: ‘You bastards eat the Communist Party’s rice but do not smash the Communist Party’s pot!'”

“So it’s still possible to lie so squarely.”

“Whose nest is Inner Mongolia?”

“The country’s resources are all President Xi’s, and no communist dog official can touch them.”

“It would be right for the country to change to my house.”

“Take the national resources all over the world to spread money this account do not know how to calculate?”