Xi Jinping says security instability is high, urges communist forces to deal with various “complex and difficult situations”

Communist Party top leader Xi Jinping said March 9 that the current security situation in China is “more unstable and uncertain,” and asked the PLA to coordinate “the relationship between construction and preparation for war” and to be ready to “respond to various complex and difficult situations at any Time. The PLA was asked to coordinate “the relationship between construction and war preparation” and to be ready “to deal with various complex and difficult situations at any time.

According to Chinese party media, Xi spoke at a meeting of the PLA and Armed Police Force delegations at the annual session of the National People’s Congress, urging the need to strengthen the innovation drive, accelerate the building of a “high-level strategic deterrence and joint warfare body” with greater vigor and more practical measures, accelerate scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and give full play to the strategic support of science and technology for military construction. The role of science and technology to give full play to the strategic support of military construction.

Xi Jinping also asked to focus on the construction of the PLA “fourteen five” planning layout planning and promotion of work, adhere to the “war to lead the construction”, strengthen the war to build a coordinated, urgent promotion of strategic, leading, basic major projects, the army construction annual plan arrangements of the work “The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Earlier, Communist Party Defense Minister Wei Fenghe urged the military to strengthen its readiness for war, saying China’s national security has entered a “high-risk period,” according to the pro-China South China Morning Post on Tuesday, as the military delegation deliberated the NPC government’s work report in groups on March 6.

Wei Fenghe said China’s “great renaissance” is at a critical period, with unprecedented opportunities and unprecedented challenges, and must maintain strategic determination, strengthen bottom-line thinking, enhance the sense of worry, “in the face of the serious and complex national security situation,” to strengthen military training and preparation for war. In the face of the severe and complex national security situation, we must strengthen our military training and preparation, improve the integration of warfare and construction, and enhance our combat capabilities.

In addition, the Chinese Communist Party‘s Military Commission Political Work Department Director Miao Hua also said that we should buckle down to build the army’s 100-year goal to deepen the preparation for war, comprehensively accelerate the pace of reform and transformation, to charge the posture of a strong army.

In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has strengthened its military and emphasized its readiness for war while also striking out on many fronts, thus facing many challenges, mainly in the East China Sea tensions caused by the sovereignty dispute with Japan over the Senkaku Islands (known as the Diaoyu Islands in China), border disputes and conflicts with India in the Himalayan region, and hostile geopolitical competition with the United States, especially on the Taiwan issue, Hong Kong issue and the South China Sea issue .

Some analysts fear that the ongoing intensification of naval and air force operations between the United States and China in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea could lead to military conflict. Days after the U.S. military recently launched a reconnaissance operation in the South China Sea and a Taiwan military exercise simulating a PLA attack on some islands in the South China Sea, Chinese authorities released a video of the PLA holding a landing drill in the disputed South China Sea.

The Communist Party’s PLA has undergone a comprehensive restructuring in recent years and is also accelerating its actions to strengthen the military through science and technology. Xi Jinping has said that this initiative will be completed by 2035 and that the PLA will be a “world-class army” by 2050.

In the draft budget submitted to the fourth session of the 13th National People’s Congress, which opened on March 5, the PLA’s defense spending for 2021 is 1,355.343 billion yuan, or about $209 billion, an increase of 6.8 percent over 2020.

According to a recent report by the Global Times, a subsidiary of the Communist Party’s mouthpiece People’s Daily, which has always promoted nationalist sentiments, defense spending continues to grow steadily, and there are real needs for military modernization, such as the necessary renewal of weapons and equipment, and hard spending on the development and manufacture of some large main battle equipment, such as aircraft carriers, especially new ones, and new military aircraft. And the necessary routine warfare, patrol, training, defense construction, etc. will not be suspended due to the impact of the Epidemic, the budget is essential.

The report also said that the PLA’s spending on “responding to potential threats and frictional conflicts” will not be reduced, such as the Sino-Indian border conflict that will erupt in 2020.