The two sessions to maintain stability and strict work transport delivery riders 3.8 general strike aborted

Xiong Yan, the leader of a coalition of riders, was arrested by Beijing police.

A plan by mainland delivery riders to launch a nationwide strike on March 8 to save Xiong Yan, the arrested “head of the delivery riders’ union,” has been aborted due to a strong official stability and information blackout. But the strike by the takeaway riders continues. Xiong Yan was taken away by Beijing police late last month for reasons unknown. (By Huang Xiaoshan/Cheng Wen)

Our correspondent received information Tuesday (9) that a nationwide strike by delivery riders on March 8 in solidarity with arrested organization founder Xiong Yan was aborted due to official pressure.

According to the delivery customer service from Shenzhen, they received an urgent instruction from the intelligence center of the city’s Public Security Bureau that someone was trying to organize a general strike, and the Internet police monitored several WeChat groups convening across the country, which also included Shenzhen-based WeChat users, and the police asked the delivery platform to respond with specifics and countermeasures.

The news also shows that because the riders are still idle protest, the delivery platform issued orders after no one should single, Beijing and other places continue to appear a large number of orders due to overtime and voided, but the delivery platform, including the party involved “hungry” continue to remain silent.

The official official to prevent riders from launching a national strike, confirmed Hong Tao, on Saturday (6) permanently closed the left-wing labor activists run public number “Working 51”, before the labor activists have been through the platform under pressure to release news related to this rider strike.

Hong Tao said: “I know it was the left-wing young people who did it, and they have been concerned about the rights of migrant workers. The original number was blocked before the Spring Festival, and now a new number is being blocked again because of the fast-buying riders.

The official said that the strike has the involvement of foreign forces, so they have taken more severe measures to maintain stability, monitoring all the takeaway group of friends of WeChat and communication tools, all messages are cut off, the takeaway platform is also being pressured to control the riders. Plus, it’s the two sessions of the stability maintenance period, so it’s even more difficult for riders to protest.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Perhaps they pointed out that there are foreign forces ah how to write. During the two sessions is certainly not see the results.

Our reporter tried to contact the labor activists involved in the strike, but the phone was not answered.

Liu Shihui, a former human rights lawyer, pointed out that The prevention of labor movement is one of the most serious tasks of the Chinese Communist Party, and under the information blockade and harsh suppression, domestic workers are facing great difficulties in defending their rights.

Liu Shihui said: “In the current domestic environment, this is something that can be imagined. Information cannot be conveyed. The labor movement, for example, has been suppressed very badly, and labor NGOs have arrested and sentenced many people in the past. So, it’s very difficult to get things going in this area, and it’s not easy to get things going.

The arrests of the “Outward Bound Riders Alliance” are seen as one of the cases of official repression of civil society organizations’ rights. On the 25th of last month, Xiong Yan, the organizer of a coalition of riders who had formed more than a dozen WeChat circles, contacted nearly 10,000 delivery riders, and tried to unite to defend their rights, was arrested by Beijing police, who also arrested a number of active riders. To date, it is not known how many riders have been arrested in total. Our reporter called the Beijing Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau, but the bureau still did not respond.