The two sessions reproduced a rare scene Xi Jinping has two teacups

In recent years, the two sessions of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping‘s teacup accidentally became the biggest point of public opinion. This year’s two sessions of the podium Xi Jinping enjoys two teacups alone, while other leaders have only one teacup. Commentators flirted, from the teacups can also reflect the status of Xi’s one.

In the eyes of the outside world, the annual Communist Party meetings repeat the old tune of “no discussion at the congress, no opinion among delegates, no news in politics”. So, the media at Home and abroad have focused on some of the “gimmicks” in the meeting, Xi Jinping’s cup of tea also “stands out”.

This year’s two sessions, and the previous difference is that Xi placed in front of two teacups, while Li Keqiang and other participating officials are only a teacup in front of. Some commentators flirted with the number of teacups, but also to highlight the status of Xi got a respect.

Pouring tea for Xi Jinping is still a male waiter, he holds a special small kettle, dedicated to Xi Jinping alone.

At the 2020 session, the media noticed Xi’s “cup change”. Unlike other leaders at the conference, a male waiter did not add water directly to Xi’s cup, but took it away with him and replaced it with a new one.

As early as the two sessions in 2016, the Hong Kong media already paid attention to Xi Jinping’s special service of drinking water. At that Time, on the podium of the two sessions, serving the Politburo members were three male waiters. However, one of the waiters held a small water bottle and poured water for Xi Jinping alone. The other two moved to the left and right to pour water for the other 12 Politburo members.