The whereabouts of Chinese journalist Fang Bin, who was arrested last year for reporting on Wuhan, remain unknown.

Fang Bin, a citizen of Wuhan and a Chinese citizen journalist, was arrested by the authorities after shooting a live video in Wuhan during the city’s closure last year, and his whereabouts are still unknown. Cai Xia, a former professor at the Central Party School who was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party, called for attention by sharing the video on Twitter, stressing that “we can’t give up the search for Fang Bin.

When the Epidemic broke out in Wuhan and the city was closed, Fang Bin took and uploaded videos such as “8 bodies lifted out of Wuhan hospital in 5 minutes”, and even made a video criticizing the Chinese Communist Party’s stupidity, saying that Wuhan pneumonia was not only a natural disaster, but also a man-made one, calling for “the unity of the Anti-Communist forces, the universal resistance to tyranny”. “He and another citizen journalist, Chen Qiushi, were subsequently arrested.

Chen Qiushi is now confirmed to be under house arrest, but Fang Bin’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Cai Xia shared a video of the incident on Twitter, saying, “It’s heartbreaking that there is no news of Fang Bin from the outside world,” and quoting “He who holds the salary for all must not be frozen to death in the wind and snow; he who opens the way for freedom must not be trapped in the thorns” as an appeal. “We must not forget Fang Bin, and we must not give up the search for him.

However, Fang Bin’s Life and death are still unknown, which makes Cai Xia helplessly shout “Where is Fang Bin?”. .