Why were Wang Shouliang and Yang Shuchen shot?

On January 9, 1970, the “Notice of the Military Control Committee of the Beijing Municipal Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army” is an internal document that lists 20 people to be executed and their crimes for “current counter-revolutionary crimes” and requests the organization of a discussion among the revolutionary masses.

In this list, Luo Ke was ranked 10th, Wang Peiying was ranked 11th, and Shen Yuan was ranked 19th, while Yang Shu Chen, who was ranked 1st, was little known, having been dead for half a century, but still in obscurity.

Who was Yang Shuchen? Her husband, Wang Shouliang, was a language teacher at Beijing 25 Middle School, and Lenovo president Liu Chuanzhi was once a student taught by him.

In an interview with Caijing in 2012, Liu Chuanzhi said, “I witnessed too many tragic stories during the Cultural Revolution. My language teacher, Wang Shouliang, was shot dead on the charge of being discontented with the Cultural Revolution. Why was he unhappy? Because his wife, Yang Shuchen, was an employee of the Soviet Embassy and was arrested and shot as soon as the “Cultural Revolution” started.

In 1949, Liu Chuanzhi came to Beijing with his father and began his Life as a cadre’s son. After finishing elementary school, he went to Beijing 25 Middle School. There he had the opportunity to realize his dream of becoming a pilot. Just before the college entrance exam, he suddenly found out that fate had taken its course. He was notified that he was disqualified from being a pilot. He later learned that one of his relatives was a “rightist” ……

The 25th middle school in Beijing, although not as noble as the 101st middle school and the 4th middle school in Beijing, where the sons of high cadres gather, was once very famous during the Cultural Revolution, and became the center of the Cultural Revolution in Beijing middle schools, and produced a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Revolutionary Committee, Li Dongmin, who was received by Chairman Mao.

During the Cultural Revolution, Master Qin was a junior high school student at Beijing 25 Middle School, and his class teacher at that Time was Zhou Go-Nan, who later served as vice principal, and Wang Wei-Han, who was the first one to take the TV podium after the reform and opening up. It was from there that he learned about Wang Shouliang and Yang Shuchen, who had been arrested and sent to prison.

In the Notice of the list of 20 people, Yang’s identity and “crime” were first introduced: Yang Shu-chen, a female, forty-eight years old, a native of Tong County, Beijing, a landlord by birth and a member of the Kuomintang. Her mother, a landlord, was deported to her hometown. Yang stubbornly adheres to her reactionary position and harbors a deep-seated hatred for the Party and the socialist system. In 1966, Yang acted as a foreign agent, stole confidential information from China, wrote reactionary articles, and received large sums of money for his secret service activities. In March 1967 alone, Yang sold hundreds of pieces of information, and in April of the same year, he was caught on the spot while handing over information to foreign embassy personnel in China.

What was the so-called “confidential information” that Yang Shuchen sold to “foreign embassy personnel in China”? As I imagine, it was just the Cultural Revolution tabloids and leaflets that were everywhere in the streets of Beijing at that time. Yang was just a commoner, not a red descendant of the nobility, so what would he do as a traitor? Selling information, what to sell? When you are a grandfather, sell your ancestors, Su Xiu embassy and not what low IQ stupid coaxing.

On January 27, 1970, Yang Shuchen was executed. More than two months later, on April 18, 1970, Wang Shouliang was shot dead during the third mass execution in Beijing. Also executed were Shen Yuan, a talented man from Peking University, and others.

During the sentencing of Wang Shouliang, the sentencer deliberately raised his voice to explain that his wife, Yang Shuchen, was a foreign agent and had been executed. At that time, I only saw Wang Shouliang’s legs tremble when he was handcuffed and shackled.

What exactly was Wang Shouliang’s crime? The verdict says: Wang Shouliang, a forty-seven-year-old man from Shandong Province, is a landlord, a captain officer in Chiang’s bandit army, a member of the Kuomintang, and a former teacher in Beijing’s 25th Middle School. Since 1966, Wang Shouliang, together with his wife Yang Shuchen (a foreign agent who was executed), has been stealing and selling China’s confidential information and writing reactionary articles.

This is the crime of Wang Shouliang. What is the crime? Xu Jin, a famous cartoonist and honorary president of the China Press Cartoon Association, a 58th grade student of Beijing’s 25th Middle School, said: I had two class teachers when I was a student in the 25th Middle School, one was classified as a rightist and the other was Wang Shouliang, who was later shot as a counter-revolutionary. Mr. Wang was my homeroom teacher for two years. At that time, I loved drawing and painting, and sometimes I couldn’t keep up with my grades in mathematics and chemistry, so some people said I was not doing my job. It was Mr. Wang who told me that I should keep up with my studies, but I should not lose my personal hobby and pursue it.

Xu Jin said this about Mr. Wang Shouliang: He not only teaches language well, but also has the most humane taste. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

After the SARS outbreak in 2003, I happened to run into an alumnus and former member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Revolutionary Committee, Li Dongmin, during an event at the National Weather Bureau. During the chat to Wang Shouliang, Yang Shuchen couple, only to see him a long sigh: injustice, more than sinus!