How do you like to eat fresh wild rice?

Fresh wild rice squash sliced or shredded, and five-flowered pork stir-fry, wild rice squash tender pork fragrant, before the pan a circle of soy sauce dripping down, that rise in the flavor of few people can resist. It’s also great when served with white rice and as a topping for noodles and rice noodles!

Ah yes, wild rice gourd is wild rice white ah, know this name may be more people. There are many other names for it.

The Family spoon, most people know that wild rice to stir-fry delicious, you have to match the meat. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. This is because the wild rice is too vegetarian, especially easy to fry and dry and charred, itself a general what plant aroma are not a few, taste light to almost no, light salt is a little untenable. If you buy the wild rice is not tender, chewed up more less pleasing.

In fact, it can also be fried vegetarian. You can make a bowl of sauce, add soy sauce and oyster sauce, and if you like sweet dishes, you can also add sugar and mix it, cut the wild rice into pieces and stir-fry it in vegetable oil until the skin wrinkles, then pour the sauce down and cover the pot and wait for the sauce to close, so it can be done.

You can also stir-fry without soy sauce, but you need to put a little more oil than when you stir-fry other vegetables. When the oil is almost hot, throw two pieces of dried chili pepper down and stir-fry them, then pour the two shreds down and cook them, sprinkle some salt to taste and you’re done. Fry an egg with it, boil a bowl of any Soup together, is a light meal. A person quietly eat, slowly chew, a special flavor. The fresh beans and rice are also delicious when fried in this way.

How do you usually make wild rice? What do you call it there?