“Did you pineapple today?” National institutions in Taiwan join the camp of supporting Taiwanese farmers

The Chinese Communist Party suspended the import of Taiwan pineapples, not only set off a wave of domestic enterprises and people in Taiwan to support Taiwan farmers, countries in Taiwan, such as the Canadian office in Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan, Japan Taiwan Exchange Association and other 2 days also published support for Taiwan pineapple farmers to express support for the graphic.

The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) yesterday posted a Facebook post in support of pineapple farmers, asking netizens, “Are you pineapples today? realfriendsrealprogress”, “unity love pineapple #pineapplesolidarity”.

The AIT Kaohsiung Branch Office also posted on Facebook that this week it will introduce the Food that Americans like to cook or bake with pineapples and share photos and recipes for “pineapple avocado salsa Mexican grilled chicken sandwich”, ending with “real friends real progress # realfriendsrealprogress”. realfriendsrealprogress”.

The Canadian office in Taiwan published a photo of representatives, office staff, pineapples and Hawaiian pizza on Facebook on the 2nd, and wrote: “At the Canadian office, we love pineapples on pizza, especially from Taiwan! Did you know that Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada?” The article ends with a response to the “Freedom Pineapple” slogan launched by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu Chiu-sup, and Jordan Reeves, the representative of the Canadian office in Taiwan, also tagged “Freedom Pineapple” in his personal Twitter feed on February 28. Pineapple” and shared a photo of a breakfast with pineapples, dragon fruit and muffins.

The Canadian office in Taiwan posted a picture of pineapples on Facebook to show its support. (Photo source: Canadian Office in Taiwan Facebook)

Japan Taiwan Exchange Association is in the evening of the 2nd on Facebook to share the photos of the association staff happy to share pineapples, and expressed their gratitude to the fruit farmer friends located in Tainan sent several boxes of “Guanmiao pineapple”. Facebook also wrote, Quan Yu Tai representatives and staff happy to share the golden yellow, sweet and juicy Taiwan pineapple. Also said, occasionally a little bit of sourness, but let people feel the fruit more refreshing, endless aftertaste.

Japan Taiwan Exchange Association also said that the association’s Japanese or Taiwan staff recommend Guanmiao pineapple, the residence chef in order to let guests enjoy a more diverse pineapple food cuisine, has tried to study a variety of new menu, the latest new works are pineapple cheese and pineapple chiffon cake.

For China to ban the import of Taiwan pineapple without warning, whether the Taiwan side will appeal to the WTO, Executive President Su Zhenchang said yesterday that the relevant procedures will go, the best or hope that the Chinese side can return to the past mode of consultation. Agricultural Commission Chairman Chen Jizhong pointed out that, according to the trade procedures are the two countries first sit down to talk, talk about the failure to consider multilateral consultations.

Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-te recently interviewed, Taiwan sold to mainland China pineapple about 42,000 metric tons per year, about 30 million, that is, Taiwan as long as each person to eat less than 2 pineapples to get through this crisis.

Lai also talked about the more important is the medium and long-term issues, that is, the emphasis on the international diversified marketing, and encourage food processors to improve production quality, sold to the international community, it will be able to properly turn this crisis into an opportunity.