Here we go again! U.S. security adviser attacks China for 20 minutes straight, claims “China is the threat of the century.”

Attacking China, it’s back on. “Trump’s security adviser says China is the threat of the century.” Reuters reported under this headline on 21 March that Robert? assistant to the president for national security affairs? O’Brien, facing U.S. and British military and intelligence officials that day, repeated his smear campaign against China, and played up China as a “malicious competitor trying to monopolize all the major industries of the 21st century.

According to Reuters, O’Brien took part in the Atlantic Future Forum held on the British navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth by way of a video link, during which he attacked China for up to 20 minutes.

O’Brien claimed, “The Chinese Communist Party is seeking dominance in all fields and sectors …… (and) plans to monopolize every vital industry of the 21st century.” Then, with no evidence, he began to smear, saying, “Recently, China has been advocating the need for international cooperation using cyber espionage to target European, British, and American companies developing new crown vaccines and treatments.”

O’Brien also claimed that the West has been giving China concessions for decades, including on the issue of World Trade Organization membership, believing that China would open up economically and politically and reduce barriers to foreign companies. He claimed that “these promises (by China) have not been fulfilled until today” and have instead reinforced mercantilism and a state-dominated economy.

As Trump’s national security adviser, O’Brien, the former lawyer has recently repeatedly smear China and make anti-China remarks. 28 August, O’Brien participated in the U.S. think tank Atlantic Council interview, in a number of issues on China, and advocate the use of the U.S. alliance system to deal with the “challenge” from China and Russia.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at the time, refuting that for some time, some U.S. politicians, out of a zero-sum cold war mentality and selfish political interests, ignored the basic facts, and endlessly and maliciously attacked China’s political system, slandering and smearing China and sowing discord between other countries and China, which China firmly opposes.

Zhao Lijian said, as the largest trading partner of more than 130 countries and regions, whether China’s development is an opportunity or a threat to the world, judging from the countries actively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China, the answer is self-evident. On the contrary, the United States has casually “withdrawn from the group” and “broken the contract”, and has used or abandoned international law, seriously undermining international fairness and justice as well as global peace, stability and development. As a matter of fact, the international community is well aware of the attempts of the United States politicians to spread rumours about China, exaggerate the threat posed by China and try to tie up other countries in the “anti-communist and anti-China chariot”, and will not buy them at all.