Biden: Indian immigrants ‘are taking over America’ Should I speak up now?

Biden joked Thursday during a call with NASA that Indian-Americans are taking over the United States.

The Breitbart News reported Thursday that Biden spoke with Dr. Swati Mohan, an Indian-American scientist, during a virtual meeting in which Biden talked about Indian-Americans.

“It was amazing. Decent Indian-Americans are taking over America.” Biden said, “You, Hejinli and my penman Vinay Reddy are of Indian descent.”

Dr. Mohan played an important role in last week’s landing on Mars. Hejinli’s mother immigrated to the United States from India. Biden’s penman, Reddy, is also an Indian-American from Ohio.

But Biden has made embarrassing remarks about the growing Indian-American population. in 2006, Biden talked about the rise of Indian immigrants in Delaware. What Biden said at the Time was, “In Delaware, the greatest population growth has been among Indian-Americans who have moved from India, and unless you have a slight Indian accent, you can’t go to some parts of the state. I’m really not kidding about that.”

While on the phone with the NASA team, there seemed to be some confusion in Biden, who asked, “Should I talk now?” This confused a staff member.

While Michael Watkins, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was speaking, Biden was looking around and saying, “Am I speaking now? Or should Dr. Mohan say something? I was told I was supposed to speak to Dr. Mohan.”

Watkins Watkins, the lab director, eventually spoke to Biden, prompting Biden to laugh.