“Highway 5 killer dies in prison, autopsy confirms strangulation

Kibby, the convicted Highway 5 killer of at least seven women, was strangled to death by his cellmates.

Kibby was found unconscious at Mule Creek State Prison in California on 28th, while a 40-year-old cellmate stood by and acted calmly.

Amador County (Amador County) Sheriff’s Office announced on the 3rd, according to the autopsy report, Kibby died because of homicide, strangled by hand. However, so far, the police have not yet prosecuted any defendants for the death of Kibi.

In 1991, Kibby was convicted of killing Farrakenpohl, a 17-year-old Seattle girl (Darcine Frackenpohl), whose naked body was found in South Lake Tahoe in September 1987.

Police suspected that Kibby was responsible for a number of unsolved rape and murder cases, but were never able to prove it. It wasn’t until 2009 that investigators from the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office used new genetic matching technology to prove that Kibbee was the suspect in six rape killings in northern California.

The cases took place near Interstate 5, and Kibbee was labeled the “Highway 5 killer” by the media. Several of the women were killed in 1986. Kibbee was finally arrested in Sacramento after a woman escaped in danger.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee, retired San Joaquin County Detective Vito Bertocchini noted that there was a 10-year gap between Kibby’s first homicide and his last, and that Kibby may have killed other women during that Time. The investigation found that some of the women who were murdered had been killed. Investigators have found that some of the women who were murdered and dumped had patterns on their clothing that were cut by knives, exactly the same way that Kibbee left his characteristic cut patterns on the victims’ clothing.

Jason Budrow is suspected of killing Kibby.