Zeng Qinghong’s father, Zeng Shan, performed well in murder and was elected to the Executive Committee of the Central Committee – Family History of Zeng Qinghong, the Great Eunuch of the Communist Party of China (VI)

At the First National Soviet Congress, Zeng Shan killed people and performed well enough to be elected as an executive member of the Central Committee. (Photo credit: Public Domain)

AB Regiment

On December 7, 1930, Li Shaojiu arrived in Futian, which was the territory of the Jiangxi Red Army. Old Mao sent him to subdue the Jiangxi tawny people here. Always nasty, he was suddenly appreciated by the leaders and became more and more official and very proud. Now he can manage several armies to kill the AB regiment. He understands that this job is not easy to get, to maintain, you have to kill more people, create more AB regiment, so that the top, especially the old Mao think AB regiment is still there. This way, he can continue to be the director of the purge committee.

Of course as a eunuch, he knew the mind of his master, and he went to Futian this Time, to kill all those who opposed Old Mao and had opposed Old Mao, as well as those who might oppose Old Mao in the future.

After arriving in Futian at 3:00 p.m., Li Shaojiu ordered that the provincial executive committee and the provincial Soviet government be quickly surrounded, and several people who were in charge of the meeting inside were tied up, and then began to rummage through the boxes and search the house, a murderous atmosphere. Then Li Shaojiu personally presided over the interrogation, not allowing the other side to argue, only to admit that they are the AB group, and then to give the names of other AB group members. Otherwise, torture was applied. Overnight, the provincial executive committee and the provincial soviets were arrested from the head to the little soldier Lazi more than 120 people were arrested and tortured overnight to extract confessions, the tortured people’s miserable cries shook the night sky of Futian.

Li Shaojiu was not good at fighting, but he was very good at torture. If you have seen the film of the Chinese Communist Party promoting its “revolutionary history”, you will remember the torture there. In fact, the torture used by the “class enemies” on CCP members was far less than what the CCP used on its own people in the class struggle. For example, bamboo sticks were inserted into the nails and flesh with a hammer, and the name was “beating the earth”, and incense was used to wrap around the body and burn patterns on the body. The wives and daughters of the Red Army were tortured by burning their cunts and cutting their breasts with small knives.

Li Shaojiu this kid is very perverted, to torture people, first set up a table of wine and Food, while eating and drinking, a change to watch the torture, the side of the people still have to compliment him, otherwise, the torture tools are ready-made children. But drunk, Li Shaojiu also spilled the beans after drinking, saying that this back to Futian is not for the AB group, purely for political reasons.

Under torture, many people began to talk nonsense, calling whoever they knew by name, saying that he was in the AB group, resulting in a long list. Seeing that the “task” was heavy, old Mao sent Gubai and Zeng Shan, the secretary general of the general front committee, to reinforce them. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. You can think of the virtues of Zeng Shan with such people!

Li Shaojiu was very happy to see these two people, drinking with company, killing with helpers, he could be more reckless.

The Futian Incident

The Chinese Communist cadres in Futian were under torture, talking nonsense. Anyone they knew was said to be in the AB regiment, and one of them was named Liu Enemy.

Liu En, a political commissar of the 174th Regiment of the 20th Red Army, was quite capable of fighting and was Lao Mao’s hometown in Hunan, which turned out to be deeply trusted by Lao Mao. He had hoped that he could help him to take care of the 20th Red Army. So from a certain point of view he was considered to be one of Lao Mao’s people.

At that time, it was the first “Anti-Surge” and Liu Enemy was leading his men in the war. When he received an urgent letter from the military headquarters asking him to return, he thought he had won the war and wanted to return to receive condolences and replenish his troops. However, as soon as he arrived at the military headquarters, he was arrested and interrogated by Li Shaojiu as a key criminal of the AB regiment.

Liu En and Li Shaojiu were Hunan countrymen and had known each other for a long time, so they knew the extent of their nastiness. He thought that it would not be a good idea to take a hard line, so he used Changsha dialect to talk to Li Shaojiu and flatter him. Nasty people can not stand is someone patting him on the back, especially by capable people patting him on the back.

Li Shaojiu heard this commander who went to the battlefield and took the gun to pat him on the back, psychologically he was very flattered because he knew that Liu Enemy was one of Lao Mao’s people, not only did he not treat Liu Enemy as an AB regiment, but also asked Liu to do a good job, and said that in the future the 20th Army would be handed over to Liu Enemy, and sent people to send Liu back to the camp.

The cadres of the 174th regiment had heard about the Su AB regiment, and when they saw that Liu Enemy had not returned for a long time, they were all worried. When Liu Enemy came back, battalion commander Zhang Xing and political commissar Liang Yi were overjoyed. Liu Enemy looked at the brothers who had followed him to death and thought about what Li Shaojiu had said. In the future, if that nasty man wanted to kill these brothers with his own hands, could he do it? Liu En told Zhang Xing and Liang Yi about the day’s experience, said Li Shaojiu this time, the purpose is to destroy the Jiangxi CPC and the cadres of the army, the three set a plan to invite Li Shaojiu to speak, taking the opportunity to detain him.

As the saying goes, no hair on the mouth, not firm, battalion commander Zhang Xing is a bloodthirsty rash young man, he did not believe that the old man in front of the war to protect you, you nasty people still dare to kill the old man. So he didn’t wait to ask Li Shaojiu to come and went to the military headquarters to question Li Shaojiu.

This go of course is to throw themselves into the net. When Liu Enemy heard that Zhang Xing was detained, he immediately gathered troops with Liang Yi and quickly surrounded the military headquarters and released the arrested Xie Hanchang, Zhang Xing and others. Put Li Shaojiu under arrest.

At the same time, Liu Enemy and others immediately led the 174th regiment machine gun company and independent battalion to run to Futian without stopping. At dusk, they surrounded the provincial executive committee, surrendered the guns of a platoon of the 12th Red Army, arrested the people of the purge committee, and released those who had been arrested by the purge committee there.

Chen Zhengren and others were killing the AB group elsewhere and did not dare to return when they heard the news.

In this evil organization of the Chinese Communist Party, you have to be evil enough to not be soft. Although Liu enemy is a martial artist, but still stored a little woman’s kindness, Zeng Shan, Li Shaojiu these people are nasty people, kill are too dirty their hands, and Li Shaojiu is Mao Zedong’s people, in the face, they will be a fart, to let go. In order to avoid conflicts between Red Army units, Liu Enemy also moved the Red 20th Army to the west for defense.

People should pay attention to this and never reason with the Communists. Liu Enemy lost his Life because of this mistake.

He wrote a long letter to the Central Committee in Shanghai, telling what happened, admitting the error of his overreaction, and foolishly pleading for disciplinary action. They also entrusted Duan Liangbi, secretary of the Special Committee of Southwest Ganxi, to carry a nearly 10,000-word report on the details of the incident to the CPC Central Committee in Shanghai to report.

He thought that if he had done an open and honest job, stopped the internal killings and admitted his mistakes, he would be fine. We remember the June 4 Incident, when the student petition was treated as a “counter-revolutionary riot”, many people thought that it was a momentary decision of the CCP, a decision made by individual people in power at that time. In fact, the CCP has always acted in this way, and this is due to the party nature of the CCP. The Futian Incident was characterized by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee as the “AB Group” counter-revolutionary riot.

At that time, Xiang Ying was the acting secretary of the CPC in Jiangxi, although he was not good to Liu enemy, but he was really angry, said a few words to Mao Zedong, that should be dealt with as intra-party conflicts, but this decision was soon overturned by the Politburo of the Central Committee in Shanghai, the Politburo also sent a delegation of the Central Committee to Jiangxi Soviet Region, removed Xiang Ying’s acting secretary position, by Mao Zedong to take over.

Old Mao has always followed the policy that if you dare to talk about me, I will kill you, but he is still very patient with Xiang Ying. Later, Mao made a trick to turn Xiang Ying into a “revolutionary martyr” in the “South Anhui Incident”.

The small cadres of the 20th Red Army did not have such a long life. Old Mao finally got what he wanted and became the head of Jiangxi. He executed all the cadres of the 20th Red Army above the platoon level. The soldiers of the Twentieth Red Army were incorporated into the Seventh Red Army and then placed under the control of the Third Red Army Corps. The 20th Red Army became a forever lost number in the history of the Chinese Red Army.

Li Wenlin, the original leader of the Jiangxi Red Army, was released by Xiang Ying. He did not have a good life for two days. After Mao came to power, he was arrested in July 1931 by Ren Bishou, the Communist Party’s “opium kingpin”, and was killed in May of the following year. At that time, more than 4,400 AB groups were arrested, and almost all of the Jiangxi Red Army who could fight were killed, and the main founders of the Jiangxi Red Army, such as Zeng Tianyu, were also killed, and the old capital of the CCP in Jiangxi was eclipsed by Mao.

After the killing, the first National Soviet Congress, Mao Zedong was elected chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Chinese Soviet Republic, and Zeng Shan performed well in the killing and was elected as an executive member of the Central Committee.