Shenzhen property market and new rules: buy new houses to see housing transfer records

After Shenzhen introduced the reference price for second-hand house transactions, new point rules were also introduced for the purchase of new houses, and the housing transfer records of Home buyers were included in the scoring.

According to the official media “CCTV Finance” reported on March 4, on March 2, two new properties in Luohu District of Shenzhen, Jinsanfu and Wanxianghuafu in the shootsang center, implemented new point rules for playing new homes, and for the first Time, the housing transfer records of home buyers were included in the scoring compared with the previous point shaking rules in Shenzhen.

According to the new points rules, home buyers who have no housing transfer record in Shenzhen within 10 years and no housing in their name can score a maximum of 40 points. Under the same conditions, the points are higher for those with housing transfer records of more than two years. In addition, the social security and personal tax points are 0.1 points/month, and the household registration status and children’s situation also have corresponding points.

Shenzhen URA said that the two properties belong to the new rules of the pilot, the future will depend on the effect of the decision whether to fully implement in Shenzhen.

Ms. Liu has been working in Shenzhen for five years and started to participate in playing new properties in the second half of last year.

Ms. Liu said that she and her husband’s two social security years are not too high, if according to the new policy, the points will be relatively much higher, and the probability of winning a new house in the lottery will be a little higher.

Song Ding, deputy director of the China Urban Economy Expert Committee, said Shenzhen’s policy, if pushed through, would help curb the investment tendency in home buying and selling.

Guo Shuqing, chairman of the Communist Party of China’s Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said publicly on March 2 that China’s real estate bubble is large and is the biggest gray rhinoceros in the financial system, and that investment or speculation in the property market is dangerous.

Recently, in addition to Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Dongguan and other places have issued real estate regulation and control policies, which became a new round of property market regulation after July and August last year. According to the Centaline Property Research Center statistics, the number of real estate regulation and control around February up to 45 times, more than 42 times in January, the cumulative number of real estate regulation and control policies during the year up to 87 times.