Jiangsu man reported 32 tons of fake drinks lost nearly 200,000 yuan and was beaten

Recently, Jiangsu Lianyungang City, young man Wu Qiang reported 32 tons of fake drinks instead of backing up the money to unload and store, but also by eight public officials beat the video again on the network caused concern. (Video screenshot)

On April 24, 2018, Wu Qiang, a beverage businessman, contacted a trading company in Dingzhou County, Hebei Province, on the Internet, where he ordered 32 tons of 14,400 bottles of Coca-Cola beverages worth 57,600 yuan.

The shipment arrived in Lianyungang four days later, and when inspecting the goods Wu Qiang noticed that the production dates of the beverages were all at the same point in Time, causing him to become alarmed.

“I saw that they were all produced at the same minute and the same second, so it was obviously not right, and then I tasted the taste and it was not right, so I concluded that it was fake, and I called the police at first.” Wu Qiang said.

After he called the police, the police came to let him first find a warehouse to unload the goods, the police let go of the truck driver, Wu Qiang told the police can not let go of the truck driver, otherwise the source of fake goods is difficult to investigate, the police ignored this.

Wu Qiang did not think, he stopped the flow of counterfeit goods into the market, but they have embarked on a long road to defend their rights.

On June 6 of the same year, he learned that a boss selling counterfeit goods in Huai’an (the same company that Wu Qiang bought the goods from) was arrested, and he told this news to Lianyungang police, and on June 11, he finally received a notice to file a case.

Although the case was filed, but the year after that was still no progress, Wu Qiang was forced to take the road of rights petition, Lianyungang letter and visit bureau, Jiangsu Province letter and visit bureau and other departments reflected nearly 100 times, to no avail.

On April 24, 2019, one year after he bought the fake drinks, he went to Beijing to petition, but when he walked out of the gate of the State Bureau of Letters and Calls, a police car with a Jiangsu Lianyungang license plate blocked his way, and eight public officials got out of the car and punched and kicked him.

Wu Qiang said: “They police on me is punching and kicking, beat me into facial paralysis, hospitalized in Beijing for more than a month, I also called the police in Beijing, Beijing also opened a case accepted. Then said eight people are public officials, is Lianyungang Gouyun County, this thing no one asked, medical expenses are not given.”

After that, Wu Qiang posted a report on the Internet to expose his beating, and in August 2020, the mainland media reported his encounter, and he was paid more than 20,000 yuan in medical fees for the beating.

“Then this matter has been dragging on until now, fake goods are not investigated, no one pays for the damage caused to me by counterfeiting, and eight public officials do not pursue responsibility for my beating.” Wu Qiang said.

On March 1, Wu Qiang again on the network released a video of the real name report of the incident, once again attracted the attention of the outside world.

Wu Qiang said: “I have lost nearly 200,000 yuan in the past few years, the money for goods, loading and unloading fees, warehouse fees, car fees, and the loss of business caused by the impact of these years of rights not operating this piece, the cost of going to Beijing, etc.”

“Anyway, this thing is not over I can not give up, because it has been insisted on for several years, anyone can not accept, reported counterfeit goods but also backwards money, but also beaten, and no one asked, the loss is so heavy,”

He believes that the way the police handled his heart cold, counterfeiting nest for three years why not investigate without asking, who is behind the umbrella?