U.S. intelligence officers exposed the next move of the Chinese Communist Party: political murder, cyber attacks…

According to a report in Germany‘s “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ), Henley pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party prefers to use “economic means, supplemented by military threats” to force Taiwan than to use direct force against it.

And if the Chinese Communist Party risks attacking Taiwan by force, it will face a huge price of failure.

Henley revealed that the CCP could also use political assassination, cyber attacks, the occupation of Jinma, or a non-comprehensive air attack on Taiwan. He said that these means used by the CCP are non-comprehensive methods of warfare, and that the verdict is still out on whether they will be effective in unifying Taiwan.

However, most observers say outright that the CCP’s use of these means will instead allow other countries to target the CCP issue alliance, and that once Taiwan is attacked by the CCP, most of the Taiwanese people will resent it and want even less to unify with mainland China.