Trump declares victory again, Obama refuses to return to US politics, and this time mentions China and Russia

The 2020 U.S. election is getting more and more confusing as to where it’s headed.

When exactly will Biden be in the White House? Will Trump admit defeat or not? Is there any evidence of Biden’s fraudulent cheating in the hands of Trump’s campaign team? A lot of unanswered questions are starting to make those who thought the Democrats had won feel less confident.

Trump has declared victory again, Obama refuses to return to American politics, and this time mentions China and Russia
Anyway, here’s the current situation: since Biden was declared the winner on November 8, Trump has not acknowledged the election results. In the meantime, the Michigan recount, the Georgia recount, and the Pennsylvania indictment …… Just recently, Trump has started making moves on Team Biden again.

First, in the wee hours of the morning of the 16th local time, Trump took to his social software to announce, again in all capital letters, that he had won the election.

Although, Trump is often in the habit of declaring himself the winner, this time seemed a little different. Because just two days prior, Trump supporters and opponents gathered in the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C., to launch a massive wave of protests.

The march not only proved Trump’s influence once again, but also demonstrated the American public’s deep distrust of this year’s election.

Therefore, by declaring his victory on the internet at this time, Trump has certainly added fuel to the fire and given those supporters a basis for protest.

Trump declares victory again, Obama refuses to return to American politics, and this time mentions China and Russia
Secondly, Trump’s personal attorney claimed in public that millions of votes were deleted or redistricted in this year’s election and that the election results would be overturned.

The lawyer said he had very clear evidence in his possession that the Democrats had cheated on the ballots.

The voting machines used this year, for example, were provided by Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian voting software company, and Trump already has evidence that the Canadian company tampered with the ballots.

While this lawyer is not willing to release the evidence just yet, the Trump team’s stubbornness and insistence on not conceding defeat suggests that they may really have some leverage in their hands.

After all, it’s no longer a matter of saving face, and if Trump can’t come up with the real thing, he’s just throwing stones at himself.

Trump declares victory again, Obama refuses to return to US politics, and this time mentions China and Russia
However, what makes the good show in American politics exciting is that it certainly can’t be performed by Trump alone. While Trump once again declared himself the winner in an attempt to overturn the election results, Biden’s side was not idle.

On November 16th, a video of Obama’s interview with CBS aired, in which Obama talked about his views on this year’s U.S. election and once again attacked Trump.

First, Obama analyzed the fact that there is no progress on the current US government transition.

Obama stated that China and Russia have seen the decline of the United States. These problems in the U.S. government today actually reflect the fact that the country is deeply divided.

“This is not only the result of the election, but also the result of what the last few years have brought …… In foreign policy, we need a United States of America, not a divided United States of America.”

From this statement, it can be seen that in Obama’s eyes, what Trump has been plotting for the past 4 years has severely lowered the standing of the United States in the minds of his opponents. The United States of America may be facing a split.

Trump declares victory again and Obama refuses to return to American politics, this time mentioning China and Russia
If he had been the newspaper sister’s translator, I guess Obama would have been trying to say, “Old Ter, you should quickly admit defeat and step down, and stop embarrassing America. America is going to be divided by you in no time!”

Second, Obama denied rumors that he would serve in a Biden administration.

The most unexpected news revealed in this interview is that Obama has even rejected the possibility of serving in the Biden administration in the future.

Obama said he would do everything he could to help Biden, but was not going to work in the White House.” Because if I did, Michelle (Mrs. Obama) might leave me.”

It is indeed surprising that Obama, who saddled Biden with the job during his campaign and even showed up to campaign rallies himself, doesn’t want to continue to get a job in the White House? Before the so-called “Biden will send Obama as ambassador to the United Kingdom” rumors, apparently self-defeating.

But this is understandable, after all, Obama has been the President of the United States for 8 years. Now he was once under Biden won the election, if Obama wants to stay in the White House, is not to their own former men “play a hand”?

Trump Declares Victory Again, Obama Refuses to Return to U.S. Politics, and This Time Mentions China and Russia
However, Obama, while refusing to return to the White House, was a firm believer that Biden and Harris would be in the White House. He believes that Trump’s allegations have no legal basis and that Biden will be the next U.S. president anyway.

So to be clear, the U.S. election is still in a tug-of-war situation. Trump says he wants to overturn the election results, Obama thinks Biden will be president anyway, and we’ll probably have to wait and see what actually happens.