Massive Vote Counting Machine Fraud Trump’s Lawyer Reveals Shocking Shady Story

On November 15, Sidney Powell, an attorney for the Trump presidential campaign and a former federal prosecutor, revealed to the media that vote fraud may have occurred in 29 states across the U.S., that every state that purchased the Dominion vote counting system should be criminally investigated, and that the director of the CIA should be immediately dismissed. She said that every American will be shocked when the truth is made public.

Vote tampering feared in 29 states, government agencies ignore warnings

The U.S. election fraud outbreak, a lot of evidence shows that the “Dominion” vote counting equipment used in 30 states across the United States may be used to systematically tamper with votes.

For example, on the opening day of the general election, Michigan’s 47 counties use the Dominion vote counting system, in Antrim County (Antrim County), a Republican Party ombudsman found that 6,000 votes cast for Trump was transferred to Biden under the name. That error was corrected and Trump turned around and won in that county.

On the same day, in Georgia, Dominion vote counting system equipment crashed in the counties of Morgan and Spalding, resulting in the suspension of voting. It was reported that this was due to a software vendor uploading something the night before the election that caused the glitch.

Powell told Fox News, “President Trump won, and he didn’t just get hundreds of thousands of extra votes, he actually won millions of votes, and those votes were diverted by the vote counting software, and that software was designed for that purpose.”

She pointed out that the Dominion system was designed to “rig the election” and “it shouldn’t have been installed anywhere at all.” President Trump’s attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, also informed Fox News that the software used by Dominion was developed by Smartmatic, a company founded by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and now owned by two of Chavez’s partners.

Powell said hundreds of thousands of U.S. voters have shown up to talk about the vote fraud they experienced. She said, “This is a massive vote fraud. It’s not just Dominion and Smartmatic that concerns me, it’s the software that’s being used in other vote counting systems, the software is the problem.” “Ballots can be erased. Ballots cast for Trump could be dragged into a different folder and then the folder deleted.”

The former prosecutor said, “We have to ask who had the audacity to approve the purchase of this system and why?”

“We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars worth of kit (software) for new voting machines in many states. In addition to the financial benefit to some family members, it has a benefit – I call it ‘election insurance’ – because they know that if they use that software, they’re going to win.”

Powell said it was clear to various whistleblowers that large amounts of cash were paid to family members of state officials to facilitate the purchase of Dominion, and she said, “Every state that purchased this system should open a criminal investigation, and at the very least, those officials who purchased the system should be seriously investigated.”

The same day, Powell explained on “America This Week” that the Dominion system has a “back door” that allows votes to be monitored in real time as long as the voting machines are connected to the Internet, and that votes can be tampered with to make one candidate win, which could happen in at least 29 states.

The United States is a free country and should not be controlled by Venezuela or the Chinese Communist Party, she said, “We will not allow elections to be stolen.

Corruption Behind Fraud

Powell also mentioned that several dignitaries had already written letters and submitted expert reports in response to the untrustworthiness of the Dominion vote counting system, including several Democratic senators. However, their warnings were completely ignored. The CIA, FBI and Justice Department should have been informed, but did nothing.

It makes me wonder how the CIA could have used this software for its own purposes in different places,” she said. The director of the CIA should be removed immediately” and “how corrupt the entire government is”.

Powell’s views were so strong and pointed that the moderator called them “breaking news”. I never say anything that’s not true,” she said. The leftist camp must have been on pins and needles after hearing this.

People see: first, President Trump won, the Democrats tampered with millions of votes, the Trump team is confident that the election results in several states reversed.

Second, this election fraud is a criminal case of leftist collusion with a foreign power. Aggregate information shows that the Dominion system has direct links to both Venezuela and the Chinese Communist Party.

Third, officials in several U.S. states are suspected of election fraud as well as bribery; officials in several federal agencies are at least suspected of malfeasance.

Biden had no intention of spitting out the truth before: “We set up the most extensive and deepest system of election fraud in the history of American politics.” Now, the fraud facts line up with his words.

President Trump is fighting for the interests of the United States and the American people, and his goals create “conflicts of interest” with those corrupt officials who stand in the way of many people’s fortunes, so the left is trying to overthrow the current president with fraudulent elections. Furthermore, the fraudulent group knew they had committed a felony, so they quickly declared themselves “elected”, and then tried to force President Trump to concede defeat, and spread false news, expecting Trump’s team and the majority of supporters to give up the pursuit and give up the fight.

Powell’s lawyer said, a large number of patriots tired of the corruption of politicians, have come forward to testify. She hopes to present more information to the public later this week, and the world is waiting to see what happens.