Smash-and-grab in several cities: 70% of U.S. voters think Antifa is a terrorist group

Police officers stand near an overturned vehicle set ablaze by Antifa protesters in Washington, D.C., May 31, 2020.

The Harvard-Harris poll surveyed 1,778 registered U.S. voters between February 23 and 25, 2021, and found that 71 percent of respondents said they believe Antifa (ANTIFA) is a terrorist organization in the United States, while 29 percent said it is not. The results of the survey showed that 71 percent of respondents said they thought ANTIFA was a terrorist organization in the United States, while 29 percent said it was not.

The questionnaire included the following question: Which of the following worries you more? 55% of respondents said the urban riots caused by ANTIFA were more disturbing to them.

The questionnaire also addressed the following questions.

Do you believe that the events on Capitol Hill were originally a legitimate political demand, but were exploited and suppressed by certain politicians? The results showed that 62 percent of respondents agreed with that view, while 36 percent thought not.

For those who entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico, do you think they should be deported back to Mexico or should they be released inside the U.S. on a court-ordered date? The results showed that 67 percent of respondents supported repatriation, while only 33 percent thought they should be released.

The questionnaire also revealed several of President Biden‘s most unpopular executive orders with voters, which were

Forcing schools to involve boys in girls’ campaigns (55% of those surveyed oppose)

Stopping deportations of illegal immigrants with criminal histories (55% of survey respondents oppose)

Eliminating the Keystone pipeline (53% of survey respondents oppose)

Reducing enforcement efforts against illegal immigrants (51% of survey respondents oppose)

In 2020, the death of a black man named Floyd as a result of suspected white police overreach led to protests across the country, followed by leftist riots centered on Antifa that ravaged the country, vandalizing and burning people and government property and stealing. However, most large cities in the United States, which were governed by Democrats, adopted a policy of appeasement of the riots, and even secretly encouraged them.

Washington, D.C., and Portland are two of the most typical cities where Antifa has occupied parts of the city, creating so-called “autonomous regions” and evicting police and other law enforcement officers.

In Portland, the Antifa armed movement played very loud Music, shone bright lights on residential buildings, set up barricades in the streets and vandalized other people’s property. The state of Oregon and the city of Portland have also launched a lawsuit to ban federal law enforcement officers from the city, accusing the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Guard of worsening the situation by enforcing the law.

Former President Trump has repeatedly pointed to Antifa as a dangerous, extremist group that advocates violence. But Biden has refused to condemn Antifa’s practices, and at a presidential debate in early October 2020, Biden said publicly that “Antifa is just an idea, not an organization.”