“Opened squash into the vaccine freezer” post widely circulated on the Internet Qingdao officials rushed to push the blame

Webcam shows a Qingdao woman spotting staff putting open squash in a vaccine cooler. (Photo source: video screenshot)

Recently, a video and a post about a woman in Qingdao taking her baby to get vaccines was widely circulated on the Internet, raising concerns about the safety of vaccines. On the same day, Qingdao health Commission responded to the incident, claiming that the incident did not take place in Qingdao.

On March 1, a video on the Internet showed a bag of opened squash in a refrigerated cabinet where the vaccines were kept. The posting said that it was found by a woman in Qingdao when she took her baby for vaccination. In the afternoon of the same day, the official microblog of the Qingdao Health and Wellness Commission, Qingdao Health and Wellness, issued a statement, claiming that the commission “attaches great importance” to the incident and conducted an investigation to verify that the incident described in the post and video “did not happen in Qingdao. The incident and the video in question “did not take place in Qingdao.


In response, some netizens said, “Where is it not Qingdao?”

There are also comments from netizens saying, “This. It does not comply with the rules.”

“Not Qingdao, take the problem should also be good to do.”

According to reports, the vaccine is a biological product that has special needs in storage. The incident, in which the open squash was placed in the refrigerator where the vaccine was stored with impunity, is a cause for concern.

In response to this issue, the well-known Chinese blogger “@SecondhandScientist” said in an interview with the Chinese medical knowledge sharing website “Dingxiangyuan” that usually different vaccines have different temperatures, but roughly 2-8 degrees is more common, which is also the reason why vaccines are stored in hospitals in refrigerators. This is why hospitals use refrigerators to store vaccines. Usually, for this type of refrigerator, we need to monitor the temperature separately, a little stricter may be real-Time curve, not strict, will also control the length of the refrigerator switch and switch interval, as part of quality control, only then can ensure the stability of the product.

“@ second-hand scientists” said, if you can put squash, and still open squash, derived from the words, that the refrigerator temperature control is likely to be not strict. In other words, if the hospital’s refrigerator is used as a living use, the frequency of use may be high, and the temperature monitoring may be inadequate, thus indirectly causing the quality of the vaccine to be affected. From this perspective, even without looking at the hospital’s management, the matter of putting Food and vaccines together is already not in line with corporate or institutional quality norms in the first place. If we want to determine whether the quality of the vaccine product was affected in this case, we can only determine by further quality analysis of the vaccine.

Sun Yuan, a young member of the hospital fumigation control committee of the Fujian Preventive Medicine Association, said that storing the squash and vaccine together revealed the staff’s disregard for the principle of clinical sterility. Food itself is a good Culture medium for bacteria, and mixing food with vaccines could lead to contamination of the vaccine. In turn, if there is a leakage of the vaccine, the safety of the food will be affected.