Peach scandal stirred up the city secretary and his wife were double-opened in front of each other

Recently Li Jun, former municipal party secretary of Xichang City, Sichuan Province, and his remarried wife, He Xuemei, secretary of the party group and director of the Financial Work Bureau of Liangshan Prefecture, were double-opened back and forth. Li Jun couple’s peach scandal in the local widely spread, 8 years ago, was a female deputy secretary of the Xichang Municipal Committee of Sichuan He Xuemei and mayor Li Jun adultery caught, He Xuemei ex-husband Ma Xiaoning shame to kill himself, however, after the disclosure of the two were promoted as usual, after the two divorced and then married, and finally both fell.

Li Jun and He Xuemei

According to official news, Li Jun due to serious disciplinary violations of the law was opened for investigation.

Public information shows that the 53-year-old Li Jun, from 2001 to 2004, in the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department work. Since then, he has served as deputy secretary-general of the Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee and director of the Office of the Prefecture Party Committee. Since 2006, he has served as deputy mayor of Xichang Municipal Committee, deputy secretary and mayor of the municipal party committee. from April 2013 to 07, 2020, he served as secretary of Xichang Municipal Committee.

Li Jun was exposed to adultery scandal. In July 2011, “Human Rights China” reported that after Wu Jingping, former secretary of the CPC Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee, promoted his secretary Li Jun to be the mayor of Xichang, Li Jun committed adultery with He Xuemei, then deputy secretary of Xichang Municipal Party Committee, and the two often went to Chengdu together to stay in five-star hotels, basically flying to Chengdu every Friday afternoon and flying back to Xichang every Monday morning. Each month, they spend at least 100,000 (RMB, the same below) or more, not including gifts and the cost of accompanying people.

At the same Time, Li Jun also used his power to share two sets of Xichang economic housing (the upper and lower two floors should be four sets), a total of more than 720 square meters, called the air villa, the cost of decoration reached more than 3 million yuan.

The report said that after Li Jun and He Xuemei hooked up into adultery, the two had been caught in bed by He Xuemei’s husband Ma Xiaoning at Home. But the matter did not have an impact on Li Jun, He Xuemei’s career, the then secretary of the state party committee Wu Jingping also promoted He Xuemei to the state statistics bureau as director. Li Jun was also promoted to secretary of the CPC Xichang Municipal Committee two months after the incident. After that, the parties involved were rumored to have divorced and remarried.

Some netizens disclosed that He Xuemei, who was the secretary of the Xichang Teachers College Youth League Committee, was the mistress of Cao Yongbao (former deputy secretary of the Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee, who was sentenced to 13 years for bribery) and became the deputy secretary of the Xichang Municipal Party Committee through Cao’s promotion. After Cao Yongbao’s sentence, he hooked up with Li Jun. Li Jun was also not the only mistress of He Xuemei, but also had inappropriate relationships with two other women.

In September 2020, Li Jun was investigated. A month before that, He Xuemei was also investigated. On Feb. 19 this year, He Xuemei was “doubly fired” by the authorities. According to the briefing, He Xuemei was not only accused of “wantonness and recklessness,” but also of “using the power and influence of his relatives to engage in power and money deals.