Giuliani: Enough evidence of fraud to flip election results

On Sunday (15th), U.S. President Donald Trump’s (Trump) personal attorney Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani) said that enough illegal votes have been recorded to flip the election results of key swing states, he believes the presidential election results will also be “flipped”.

In an interview with the Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program, Giuliani said that those key swing states were declared won by Biden, but were actually won by Trump.

“In each of those states, we have more than enough illegal votes already on record to overturn the outcome of that state,” Giuliani said.

He told moderator Maria Bartiromo, “They didn’t allow Republicans to oversee the counting (of mail-in ballots) in those key places. That makes the mail-in ballots completely invalid.” .

The Trump campaign has filed a series of lawsuits challenging the counting of ballots in battleground states.

Giuliani said the Trump campaign has enough witness affidavits to invalidate hundreds of thousands of ballots cast for Biden. Those witnesses allegedly witnessed the fraud.

“We’ve received enough affidavits from people who were pushed out (by the Democrats) who couldn’t scrutinize the ballots, in every one of those states that he (Trump) lost by a narrow margin. He won those states, probably by a 2 to 3 percent margin,” he told Bartiromo.

Trump accused Dominion Voting Systems, which provided election machines for 28 states across the U.S., of tallying the votes. He tweeted on the 12th, “Dominion removed 2.7 million ballots cast for Trump nationwide.” He also alleged that 221,000 ballots cast for him in Pennsylvania were diverted to Biden.

The company denies those allegations. But Giuliani insists he has proof.

Giuliani said the “corrupt machine” deleted millions of ballots cast for Trump and that “we have evidence that I can’t disclose yet.”

He went on to say, “I believe this election will be flipped. But the whole thing goes beyond this election itself and must be investigated as a national security issue.”

Another lawyer for the Trump campaign, Sidney Powell, also told Bartiromo that Trump had won by “millions of votes”.

Powell said, “President Trump won, not only by hundreds of thousands of votes, but also by millions of votes. Those millions of votes were transferred to Biden by this software. The software was designed specifically for that purpose.”

Powell said, “We have so much evidence. I think they’re like coming right through the fire hose.”

She said the Trump campaign is ready to flip the election results in several states.