California serious car accident truck hit the RV at least 15 dead and 12 injured

Southern California Imperia County (Imperial County) Tuesday morning (2) a serious car accident, a truck transporting gravel, crashed into a suspected seriously overloaded, with 27 people on board the RV, resulting in at least 15 people dead, 12 people injured in hospital.

The accident occurred at about 6:00 a.m. local Time, the location in the United States and Mexico border about 18 kilometers north, some of the injured to be taken by helicopter to the hospital to rescue. According to the hospital in charge of receiving the injured, the crash led to 14 people died on the spot, a seriously injured passenger in the hospital to die. At least three of the injured will be admitted to the intensive care unit.

The cause of the crash remains to be investigated, police said, the RV model involved in the accident is legal to carry about eight people; Customs and Border Protection said the Border Patrol is working with other law enforcement agencies to respond to the incident. The incident occurred in the area during the harvest period, the Border Guard said, the number of people on the RV is unusual, still do not know the identity of the people on board and whether they are illegal entry, but they may also be just farm workers.

Video source: YouTube NBC2 channel

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