Senator: Biden treats Communist China as ally, not adversary, very problematic

U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Texas) said during this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that Biden had mistakenly treated China, a country that represents the power of the Pacific, as an “ally” rather than an “adversary. “Such treatment is “very problematic” and “weak”.

Blackburn made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Service. Asked if Biden’s handling of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping‘s first phone call was effective, Blackburn said, “It’s very problematic because we have to realize that China is not our ally.” “They are our adversary. They intend to achieve global domination. The human rights violations they have committed against Hong Kong freedom fighters, Tibetans and Taiwanese are egregious. Their treatment of the Uighurs, the Muslim minority, is an act of genocide, they want those people to work as slave labor and detain them in concentration camps. They want to exterminate that group of people.”

When it comes to the economy, Blackburn said, “Look at what they’re doing. They practice what they call robbery, copy and replace, which is stealing the intellectual property that you make there and then copying it at a lower price and eventually replacing you in the marketplace.” She argued that the Chinese Communist Party‘s theft has destroyed American companies and damaged American jobs.

She also questioned what was happening between the CCP and big U.S. technology companies. She said, “They are very close to the big tech companies. Big tech companies need their supercomputer chips and microprocessors so they will never impose blocks, censorship, shade, disparage or eviscerate the CCP on platforms while the CCP is putting people in jail on a massive scale.”

Biden mentioned human rights issues regarding Uighur Muslims in his call with Xi, but Biden later admitted at a CNN town hall that he was only making perfunctory remarks during the call. In response Blackburn said Biden’s response to the CCP’s actions lacked seriousness, which is dangerous. She argued that the Chinese Communist Party wants to rule the world and is trying to influence American Culture in an evil way.

“There are Confucius Institutes on our campuses and in our classrooms, there are Chinese Communist investments in Hollywood movie studios. The Chinese Communist Party tries to invest in the United States, but they follow different rules than the rules that American companies follow.” She said, “We need the Biden Administration to say, ‘You know what, Trump is right about some things.’ But if the Biden administration doesn’t do that, then the people of this country need to stand up and say we have to continue to do this, we have to continue to implement Trump policies.”

Biden gives big gift to Communist China

Blackburn also talked about how many of Biden’s early actions as president were a huge gift to China, including his energy policy, economic policy and even Biden’s personnel appointments.

“That’s where people should look, Biden’s executive orders, to really pay attention to what he’s doing there,” Blackburn said. “Who do most of his executive orders benefit? The Chinese (Communist) state. You look at the Keystone (oil pipeline). Who gets Crude Oil from Canada? China. You look at the Paris Climate Agreement. That won’t help American workers. It’s going to cut 1.4 million American jobs. And when you talk about making solar panels, those jobs are not in the United States. There are 10 companies on the planet that make solar panels, and eight of them are in China. When you talk about wind turbines, where are they made? They’re also made in China.”

She added, “When you talk about lifting sanctions, you’re talking about relieving pressure on the Chinese (Republic of). When you talk about us changing certain trade policies, you’re talking about making it more favorable to the Chinese (Communist Party). People need to pay attention to that and then look at the people he’s bringing up to be in leadership positions in the cabinet. They are radicals.”

Blackburn singled out Linda Thomas Greenfield, Biden’s U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, who spoke at the Confucius Institute. At the Time, she praised the Communist Party’s destructive Belt and Road initiative in Africa.

“She (Thomas Greenfield) was paid to give a speech at the Confucius Institute. She praised China and the Belt and Road initiative and China’s efforts to develop Africa. She also said that working with China is win, win, win. And I say it’s lose, lose, lose.” Blackburn said of Thomas Greenfield.

She also talked about, “It’s a loss for us as a country. It’s a loss for our allies, it’s a loss for American workers, it’s a loss for our children because China is trying to steal their minds through this soft propaganda.”