China’s self-publishers become “black” for offending Hu Xijin, and their online stores are blocked

On March 1, Wang Yajun tweeted that his ID card was now blocked, and all registrations and certifications that required the use of ID cards showed “identity abnormalities”; not only that, his online store selling snacks and liquor had all its products listed as irregularities.

On March 1, Wang Yajun tweeted, “Just because I agreed with Hu Xijin’s ironclad initiative to declare war and recruit soldiers, I encouraged the sons and daughters of these patriotic mentors to go to war to express their patriotism by donating their salaries, but I didn’t expect to touch the ‘scales’ of the patriotic mentors, just like throwing a brick into a cesspit. A stone stirred up a thousand maggots, stirring up an unprecedented big basket.”

Wang Yajun said that the deletion of posts and bans in his expected, he was also ready to drink tea and write a “know, understand” pledge, and even eat half a month of free meals, but did not expect the network to be blocked is his ID number. At present, all the platforms that require the use of ID card number registration are unable to log in and use due to “identity abnormalities”. His cell phone number and bank card can not be bound and registered.

Not only that, Wang Yajun “breadwinner” online store March 1 at 10:40 received a “violation” notice, and within half an hour to take down all the goods. And these dried fruits, snacks, mountain products, local specialties, liquor all of a sudden became “prohibited goods.

The notice said that all the photos, avatars and names of Wang Yajun in the online store are illegal and illegal content. Wang Yajun said his wife then deleted all his photos, just do not know after the 7-day audit process, can still be unblocked, “I hope to leave a way, after all, God can not starve the blind house sparrow, the new era can!

Wang Yajun also said that the price of telling the truth is high, especially before achieving financial freedom, and “to speak out and write articles about national affairs and world affairs, are easier than making a living.”

At the end of last month, the Chinese Communist Party announced that four Chinese soldiers were killed and one was seriously injured in last year’s India-China conflict, prompting some netizens to question the death toll. A total of seven netizens accused of “insulting heroes” have been arrested by public security officials or are being sought online. Hu Xijin, known as the “grifter,” took this opportunity to “lead the way” on Weibo, posting an article encouraging people to “die for the country” and calling for “if you don’t want to fight, get out! Get out! …… men should live and die like they (border officers) do.”

Many netizens derided Hu Xijin’s Weibo account, telling him to send his children to war first and “set an example”. Wang Yajun also tweeted, “Hu Xijin teacher speaks with passion and fighting spirit, I firmly support Hu Xijin teacher’s initiative, also take a stand, if Hu Xijin son goes to war after graduating from abroad, I donate three months salary!”

Afterwards, Hu Xijin sent the above tweet to his own Weibo, and responded with annoyance: “You are also worthy of saying this about Laohu? The company has been in the military for 11 years and has experienced two wars since becoming a journalist, and has heard the chirping sound of bullets whistling past his ears. You are a bloodthirsty snob who is not even as good as a eunuch, but wants to prove that he is still noble!”

When Wang Yajun responded with another article, he found that his WeChat public number was deleted. He then said that not only the micro-signal, but also the social media accounts such as Jitterbug and Racer were deleted. He also recorded a video on YouTube, saying that he would post more articles and videos on Twitter and YouTube in the future, and by the way, report peace, and for a period of Time if the netizens do not see him that is to be “cared for”. Wang Yajun said, there is an old saying that only the state officials are allowed to set fire, not the people light a lamp, and now mainland China is not allowed to see the lamp.