Is Biden really in serious mental decline? White House confirms two no’s Biden is really in serious mental decline? White House confirmed two no-Pusaki: Biden will not hold a press conference in the near future will not personally meet with world leaders

U.S. media outlet The National Archives reported that White House Press Secretary Leonardo Psaki confirmed Monday that unlike his predecessor, President Trump, Biden will not hold a live press conference or meet in person with world leaders in the near future, despite having been in office for more than a month.

Asked if Biden had scheduled his first press conference, Psaki replied, “Not yet, but we’ll definitely have one, we’ll schedule it, and you’ll be the first to know because you’re the key players in it.”

Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that are still no plans for Biden to hold a press conference after over a month of being in office

  • RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 1,2021

The National Archives reports that Biden is still refusing to hold a White House press conference more than a month after being in office, preferring to let Psaki and Vice President Harris handle the media as concerns grow about Biden’s mental state.

Pusaki said in February that Biden would also not meet with world leaders in the coming months because Vice President Harris would hold most of the administration’s international meetings by phone. White House Press Secretary Leonardo Psaki admitted again on Monday that Biden would not be meeting with world leaders in person for “several months.

Earlier, Vice President Harris was revealed to have started taking phone calls with foreign leaders on behalf of Biden. Puszaky also said at a White House press briefing, “It will be months before the president meets or invites foreign leaders in person at the White House.”

The National Archives reminds readers that during CNN’s recent Town Hall program, Biden said on the spot, “Everybody knows I like kids, not people.”