The situation is not good before the two sessions? Xi Jinping party school shouts struggle, risk

An anonymous former U.S. official recently wrote an “extended cable” suggesting that a new strategy for U.S. policy toward China would target only Xi Jinping.

As the two sessions of the Communist Party of China (CPC) are approaching, Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the Central Party School on January 1, repeatedly emphasizing “struggle” and saying that the CPC still faces some risks and tests. Some commentators said that Xi’s speech should have cheered up backup officials, but emphasized the risks of struggle, showing that the internal and external situation of the CCP is indeed not good.

On March 1, the opening ceremony of a training course for young and middle-aged officials at the CPC Central Party School was held. According to party media, Xi Jinping emphasized in his speech that it is the distinctive character of the CPC to “dare to struggle” and said that the CPC has relied on struggle to get to where it is today and must also rely on struggle to win the future.

Xi said that the risks and tests facing the CPC are no less than those in the past. Therefore, young officials are required to consciously strengthen their struggle training, learn to struggle in the struggle, grow and improve in the struggle, and strive to become warriors who dare to struggle and are good at it. The company has also been working on the development of a new product, a new product that will be available in the market.

In his speech, Xi also mentioned that in today’s world, the major changes unprecedented in a century are accelerating, and the CPC still faces many difficulties and challenges on the way forward. Therefore, Xi asked the Chinese Communist Party officials to consciously strengthen their political training and undergo a rigorous political Life within the Party.

Xi also wants young officials to constantly check their shortcomings and shortcomings against their party theories, party rules and regulations, and the requirements of the party’s central committee, and to “boldly carry out criticism,” among other things.

Commentator Zhong Yuan said Xi’s speech, which was supposed to cheer up reserve officials, repeatedly emphasized struggle, indicating that the current internal and external situation of the CPC is indeed not good.

Zhong Yuan said that the internal and external situation of the CCP is bad but there is no solution, Xi had to emphasize that “loyalty to the Party is the primary political quality of Communists” and that “they should consciously strengthen their political training and accept the strict hardening chain of political life within the Party”. “interpret loyalty to the Party with practical actions”.

Before the Communist Party’s two sessions, the Communist Party’s top authorities, including members of the Politburo and the State Council, were asked to report to Xi Jinping in turn. Zhong Yuan said that this should reflect this type of “loyalty”. Xi Jinping also proposed to be “honest, tell the truth and do honest work”.

Is the “struggle” pointing to internal strife?

Zhong Yuan said, around the so-called “loyalty”, of course, is infighting, so Xi gave a lecture to reserve officials, said, repeatedly stressed the “struggle”. The company continues to release a strong signal of “struggle” to the opposition.

In the opening ceremony of the training course at the Central Party School in 2019, Xi Jinping made a speech in which he mentioned “struggle” 58 times, and this “struggle” is thought to be directed at the opposition within the party, that is, internal strife.

At the Time, China expert Chen Baokong analyzed that the recent Beidaihe meeting and the Politburo meeting were both unfavorable to Xi Jinping, and the Politburo meeting did not even mention the “four consciousnesses” and “two safeguards”, that is, the so-called safeguarding of Xi’s core position. Therefore, Xi repeatedly mentions “struggle”, which is also planned by Wang Huning, the final point is to start his party struggle, still against his party’s political enemies, in a word this is Xi’s power defense war.

The timing of Xi Jinping’s repeated references to “struggle” is sensitive. It is on the eve of the Communist Party’s two sessions, the Epidemic is still serious, and the authorities have added the political overtones of the “centennial of the founding of the Party” and the opening year of the so-called “14th Five-Year Plan,” plus the fact that 2022 is the year of the Communist Party’s general election, which has intensified a new round of infighting among various factions.

On February 20, Xi Jinping attended the mobilization meeting of Party history study and Education and delivered a speech, asking the whole Party to refuse to establish a correct view of Party history. Experts believe that this is an attempt to use the Chinese Communist regime to cover up some of the revealed truths about the history of the Communist Party in order to rule the country with lies.

Xue Chi, a scholar of Chinese issues, analyzed that 2022 is the year when the Standing Committee of the CCP’s Politburo needs to be replaced, and the current CCP infighting is unprecedentedly fierce. Xi’s fundamental aim is to suppress CCP infighting and pave the way for re-election to the 20th National Congress.

Since February 18, CCTV has been broadcasting a special program jointly produced with the Central Propaganda Department entitled “Ping “Words” Near People – Xi Jinping’s Favorite Allusions”. Xue Chi also believes that since this and next year are political years for the CPC, Xi is being given various high hats in preparation for his re-election at the 20th CPC National Congress.

Another analysis says that whether Xi Jinping can be re-elected at the 20th Congress is a battle of life and death, either he will be re-elected for life or it will be his Waterloo, so Xi has offered a series of actions to lay out the 20th Congress to seek a smooth re-election.