Australia native 0 confirmed loss of South Australia 2 days 17 people infected with the disease reopened lockdown measures

Australia originally in early November finally control Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic, after successfully reaching zero local confirmed diagnosis, in recent days the resurgence of the epidemic, Australia’s south-central state of South Australia from yesterday (15) after the addition of three new confirmed cases, today (16) another 14 new confirmed cases; at present, the South Australian government has taken measures to re-seal epidemic prevention, to prevent the spread of the epidemic to the outside world.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, the original Australia’s second largest city of Melbourne due to the outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia second wave of the epidemic and suffered terribly, with great difficulty through the strict closure of the city before the successful control of the epidemic, the results of which are now the turn of the South Australia, since April, zero confirmed resurgence of the epidemic; investigation pointed out that the outbreak of the South Australian epidemic is a quarantine hotel staff were quarantined by the return of tourists infected, the results from yesterday’s diagnosis of 3 people, today again expanded the infection of 14 people, the cluster of infected related to the confirmed leap to 17 people.

Seeing signs of a resurgence of the epidemic, the South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall, today immediately imposed strict epidemic prevention measures. There is a limit of one person per four square metres in cinemas and theatres, a maximum of 50 people per four square metres in funerals and one person per four square metres in churches, a maximum of 100 people in weddings, and an open-ended registration system for weddings.

At present, South Australian health agencies are still tracking the path of infection, has closed at least two schools, and a hospital with a total of about 90 staff may have been in contact with confirmed cases; Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Scott Morrison) pointed out that the resurgence of the epidemic in South Australia is a warning, “this reminds us that even after such a long time, the virus could still come back at any time, and that’s why we can’t take it lightly, and we should always be on the clock”.

There have been 27,750 confirmed cases and 907 deaths in Australia.