The 15-year old ramen noodle brother, “died” in self-publishing

Bowl of noodles can do how many years without price increases?

An uncle from Shandong told us, 15 years, and only sell 3 yuan a bowl.

In Fei County, Linyi, Shandong Province, Liang Qiu was originally a little-known town.

But in recent weeks, this town has attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of people because of a master noodle seller.

No matter how windy or rainy it is, every ramen stall in Liangqiu market is exceptionally lively and crowded, and the stall is surrounded by seven or eight layers of hundreds of people in front and behind.

In the center of the crowd stands a dark-skinned uncle who often lifts a bag of flour and pours it into a jar, then stands upright and kneads it with his hands buried in the jar.

After that, he turns around with the dough and returns to the counter, and with a “ooh” sound, a long strip of dough is thrown onto the counter with great force, and then the thin strips of dough are pulled out and put into the boiling The dough is then pulled out and put into the boiling pot.

In a day, he can use up five bags of noodles, one weighing 50 pounds.

Such a bowl of noodles, he only sold 3 yuan, a sale is 15 years.

This is how the master explained: feel that rural people “are vigorous, it is not easy to make money”, too embarrassed to raise prices.

The simple appearance, affordable price of ramen, so that the stall owner became popular, was the name of “ramen brother” by netizens.

The original area used for customers to rest, now there is a small table, the table is filled with a variety of live machines, cameras, cell phones, tripods, etc..

At the same Time, there are netizens on the scene in the aerial photography, and even a netizen with a loud speaker in the live broadcast.

Among the hundreds of netizens watching the live broadcast, a line of nearly twenty people lined up, they came from all over to stay overnight in the local neighborhood, just to taste the bowl of ramen.

There were even people hanging up “Marriage” announcements, and people coming over to set up stalls to do small business.

At the same time, on the shake, hundreds of live broadcast live ramen brother’s dynamic, some watch more than 130,000 people, driven by the anchor, carnival and other gifts frequently appear.

Even many impostors began to appear and call for fans to reward them in the live broadcast, leading to the discussion of “Ramen Brother’s sudden popularity is high, there is a driving force behind the operation”. The sudden attention and the sudden popularity of the noodle boy are the reason why he is so famous.

The sudden attention and commotion brought the originally quiet town and Ramen’s orderly Life into the center of the whirlpool.


The original name of Ramen is Cheng Yunfu.

He was born in 1982, 39 years old, is a genuine farmer.

Because of the Family‘s poverty, when they got married, the bride price of 1,100 yuan, his wife returned 600 yuan, and at that time the family still owed foreign debts, the two families lived in great straits.

In order to pay off the debt, Cheng Yunfu learned the noodle business through relatives and started a noodle business.

But the sky is not as good as it should be, his first stall on the business is dismal, a total of not more than 10 yuan sold a day.

After returning Home, he did not get discouraged, he thought people always need to eat something to fill their stomachs when they are tired of rushing to the market, a bowl of broth with simple seasonings of vegetarian noodles sold for only 3 yuan, plus eggs with marinade is only five or six dollars, continue to do, there will certainly be business.

In this way, the two families began to support the stall day after day, rain or shine, and insisted on the stall, one is 15 years.

In the eyes of outsiders, they usually do not say much, but not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, enthusiastic, real.

Cheng Yunfu from the heart to customers as their own family, always smiling, shouting people are also friendly, never “brother” “sister” “aunt “”Auntie”. At the same time, he made the noodles taste good, noodles tenderness, brine taste, and affordable prices.

By word-of-mouth reputation, more and more customers, business is getting better and better.

When they are too busy, even old patrons will take the initiative to help by setting bowls and serving noodles ……

In an interview with the New Times, he said that when he first started selling noodles, the flour was more than 30 yuan a bag, and then the price of flour rose, taking into account the cost pressure, the two families discussed trying to raise the money.

But once I heard that a bowl of noodles are not sold for 3 yuan, to eat noodles aunts and grandparents are going to go, Cheng Yunfu heart, they shouted back: “I also sold to you at the original price. “

Since then, he discussed with his wife, as long as prices do not skyrocket, to maintain the original price, when not to raise prices.

But immediately after the bad news came, meat prices rose again.

In fact, many people do not know that Cheng Yunfu’s initial 3 yuan ramen is with meat.

But then in the face of soaring meat prices, insist on selling 3 yuan he really lost money, he thought to discuss with the people who came to eat noodles, do not put the meat, but the amount of noodles, okay?

After many people said “no problem”, Cheng Yunfu did as he was told.

Now, he sells a bowl of noodles are full of half a kilogram of noodles, even if it is not extra marinade, but also to let the strength of the people to eat.

Take away the cost, now his bowl of 3 yuan ramen profit of only 40 to 50 cents.

But for all this, he is quite satisfied.

In order to be able to not increase prices, Cheng Yunfu also deliberately ran to the county to buy two large freezers, which are all his stall with frozen ingredients, thus avoiding the middlemen to earn the difference.

Cheng Yunfu understand in his heart, people can not forget their roots, he has today all rely on the support of the villagers, rural people’s low income, it is not easy to make money, although a dollar is not much, but for them, money is difficult to earn, even if a little expensive to eat.

He even laughed and said his noodles are “high-end”, this noodle stall, to achieve his desire to let the folks “less money to eat good noodles” of the original intention.

He said: “I came from the hard times, want the people to eat cheap ramen. “

And because of more than a decade of wind and sun, although he was born in 1982, he was always asked “fifty, how old are the grandchildren” and so on.

Ramen is a physical job. All the procedures of mixing, kneading and pulling noodles are manual, and Cheng Yunfu is responsible for all of them. Pulling out 500 or 600 bowls of noodles a day is a great drain on physical strength.

Plus more than ten years out of the stall, the wind and the sun, he has dark skin, wrinkles are more obvious than his peers, the waist also because of long-term bowed body pulling noodles and hunched. “Before walking strange straight, since doing ramen, waist can not straighten up, a little hunchback. “

And originally he wanted to do this life plainly, but who had thought that recently was passing by people recorded and sent to the network to make him an overnight success.

And for Cheng Yunfu in the network of fire, the village people give the most comments are: “good people have a good report.


After Cheng Yunfu became famous, many people came to the local area to eat the noodles he made, there are the city, the province, and Anhui, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and even as far away as Guangdong ……

Later, in addition to the admiration to eat ramen, there are also more live-streaming netizens, and he took pictures, shooting short video material.

At first, Cheng Yunfu at first acted very happy and open.

After all, everyone came to support his business is a kind of support, he also thanked the netizens attention, and warmly entertained everyone, saying: “No matter where you come from, as long as you come to Shandong, we are a family. “

He also shyly shared his dream of being a star-catcher with everyone, hoping to have the chance to meet his idol Andy Lau and treat him to a bowl of his own handmade ramen.

After watching the movie “Lost and Found” starring Andy Lau, he joined the “Baby Home” family search organization and became a volunteer.

He even shouted to the live broadcasters at home to point the camera at the volunteer group on his cell phone, which has the information of the family search children. He thought it would be a good thing if more people knew about it.

At that time, he had no resistance to these people who came to film, he felt that everyone had a different purpose, so “let’s pretend they don’t exist”. “He shot his, I pull my noodles, as long as it does not affect the people who come to drink noodles, how can. “

But over time, more and more netizens began to flood into Fei County, from a dozen to hundreds, filming locations also extended from the market to Cheng Yunfu’s home.

There is no shortage of short video bloggers, set up a long gun, all day long, blocked in front of his house to shoot, blocking the water.

This began to make him feel the pressure multiplied.

On February 27, the sixteenth day of the first month, in Linyi Fei County Guangyang Division fair, many regular patrons Cheng Yunfu ramen stall old customers found, should have been normal market out of the stall Cheng Yunfu, suddenly “disappeared “disappeared.

These ten years, unless the wind and rain or family business, he basically will be out of the stall.

After the old customers called Cheng Yunfu only to know that he had gone to a relative’s home early in the morning.

The reason for this is that the day before was the Lantern Festival, dozens of netizens in their homes live until 12:00 a.m. The next morning at 5:00 a.m., he was just ready to go out to catch up, and found that there were already many people guarding the door of his home.

Netizens and reporters blocked in front of the house all day, a stall came not to buy noodles of the people, but a circle of cameras …… which scared him to run to a relative’s house.

Cheng Yunfu fell into a “home can not return, noodles can not sell, a stall can not be out” dilemma.

Not only that, the netizens coming from all over the country, also have an impact on Cheng Yunfu’s village.

The netizens who drove over from all over the village blocked the road so much that even the electric bicycle could not pass, and the former quiet village became noisy, and the local village traffic is now on the verge of “paralysis “.

For these old neighbors and neighbors, Cheng Yunfu feel very sorry and guilt: “I can only say sorry. “

More tired of his heart is, like snowflakes like impostors began to emerge on the network.

A few days ago, Cheng Yunfu found a few local anchors, in their live room repeatedly stressed that he himself did not have an account in any platform, and then he still did not feel comfortable, they deliberately sent a certified video in the shake platform.

There are too many impostors, in case they sell fake goods or cheat people under his banner, the consequences are unthinkable.

“Others say I’m on fire, but in my mind, I’m a farmer, selling ramen, what’s the use of fire, selling ramen is the most important thing is the people’s recognition of me. “

In the eyes of Cheng Yunfu, the money earned by the work of hands is the most down-to-earth.

The world is bustling, all for profit; the world is bustling, all for profit, in addition to the results obtained by real hard work, the other are floating clouds.