Former White House spokesman McInerney joins Fox News

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was interviewed by Fox News on Tuesday (March 2) and announced as a member of Fox.

Harris Faulkner, host of “The Faulkner Focus,” broke the news to viewers in an exclusive interview with McEnany on Tuesday.

“Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Kelly McInerney to the Fox Family. We’ll be seeing more of her in the future.” Faulkner said.

McInerney became Trump‘s (Trump’s) White House press secretary in April 2020.

This was McInerney’s first interview since leaving the White House. During it, she talked about her feelings during the Jan. 6 violence in Congress. She told Faulkner that she had expected to see a peaceful protest during a joint session of Congress. But she was shocked when attendees stormed the Capitol looking for lawmakers everywhere.

“We’ve been to hundreds of rallies where there was nothing but ‘peace,’ and we expected the same thing on this day,” McInerney recalled.

“And then these events happened and it was unbelievable, shocking, somber, sad, (I was) in violent shock, and it was a very difficult, difficult day for the White House, there’s no question about that.” McInerney added that she felt the same as many other White House staffers.

McInerney also discussed her relationship with Jen Psaki, President Biden‘s press secretary. As she left the White House, she left a note for Psaki.

“I wish her all the best. We met once before and she was very friendly.” McInerney also mentioned that the mainstream media treats Psaki differently than they do the Trump (Trump) administration (spokesman).

“I’ll never forget watching (Psaki’s) early press conference (when) she was asked about the Antifa riots and she said she hadn’t talked to the president about it, and I believe what she said. And they let her off the hook, whereas if I had been asked about the violence …… saying that would certainly have been a pass, and (I) wouldn’t have handled it that way.”

McInerney said, “I think the standards are different, but the American people are so smart and so wise that they see the difference.”

McInerney graduated from Harvard Law School in 2016. Fox News reports she brings a new passion to the White House press room, often using the facts and information she has at her disposal to expose media disinformation. She doesn’t shy away from contradictions and has a knack for getting the president’s message across.