Ban pineapple Taiwan smile ban chip mainland no way to live

The Chinese Communist Party‘s peasant-style petty, facing diplomatic difficulties, facing the deadlock of cross-strait relations, suddenly a move to ban Taiwan pineapples, Taiwan farmers certainly suffered a little loss.

Why did the Chinese Communist Party ban pineapples? It is to take the pineapple to test the water temperature, pressure on Taiwan farmers. The mainland imports many kinds of fruits from Taiwan every year in large quantities, for Taiwan farmers, the mainland is certainly an indispensable market, crackdown on Taiwan fruit, crackdown on the livelihood of Taiwan farmers.

The Chinese Communist Party banned Taiwan fruits, hoping that Taiwan farmers would blame the deterioration of cross-strait relations and the cross-strait policy of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and that it would be better if farmers would rise up and make trouble to put pressure on Tsai Ing-wen’s government and the island’s political turmoil, which would prove that Taiwanese people love the Chinese Communist Party and have a strong desire for reunification, showing the international community that the Chinese Communist Party’s state policy of unifying all of China reflects the common will of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s political instability and social unrest will weaken the ruling party of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and the next presidential election will increase the chances of the Kuomintang coming to power, and if the Kuomintang comes to power and colludes deeply with the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party will grasp the initiative of cross-strait relations and strike the foundation of the DPP’s survival.

The ban on pineapples is just a signal, Taiwan imports many varieties of fruit to the mainland, ban on pineapples, Taiwan still does not bow down, then ban on lotus fog, then ban on pomegranate, banana, Taiwan farmers’ losses have come one after another.

Unfortunately, the ban, Taiwan people make the same enemy, the island institutions people, each big buy pineapple, three or two times the number of ban erased. Hong Kong people and Taiwan people, Hong Kong people were persecuted, Taiwan took in our hands and feet, now Taiwan is punished by the Chinese Communist Party, Hong Kong people also launched the action of eating pineapples, have asked: you today pineapple did? Even The Japanese also set off a craze to eat Taiwan pineapple, and immediately increase the import orders. Australia, which originally had a very strict management of fruit imports, also instantly expressed its intention to reopen negotiations with Taiwan on the import of Taiwanese fruits.

China’s market is big, but can be bigger than the world market? Mainland China’s ban on Taiwan pineapple imports has prompted Taiwan’s exporters to strive to open up the world market. Can the Chinese Communist Party ban all fruits from Taiwan? If all fruits from Taiwan are banned from import, Chinese people will never be able to eat the flat and beautiful fruits from Taiwan. It would be better if the Chinese Communist Party banned all fruits from Japan, South Korea and the United States, then the world will be peaceful.

Taiwan’s media has commented that Taiwan’s economy today, not even put a small pineapple exports in the eyes, Taiwan is now a high-tech boom, the world is counting on Taiwan’s chips, advanced cell phones, automatic cars and even missiles and satellites, without chips will die. The world’s top ten chip suppliers, Taiwan accounted for three, Taiwan has become an electric car, environmental protection energy, precision instruments and other international supply chain town. The world’s high-tech companies have come to Taiwan to set up research centers and production bases, foreign investment flocked to Taiwan, a ban on pineapples, want to make Taiwan kneel, the Chinese Communist Party against Taiwan, is also left with this kind of childish weapons.

The Chinese Communist Party has ruined the mainland for more than seventy years, so far more money, but the party still retains the “small rice plus rifle” kind of petty and petty rat’s “bad habits”, the kind of peasant-style clumsy hand. Since Xi Jinping came to power, he has met his Waterloo at Home and abroad and has been cornered, but there is nothing he can do. It was expected that relations between the two countries would hopefully improve after Biden came to power, but now the situation seems to be developing badly, and Taiwan is being fostered by the US to be stronger and more confident in the future, with more international space.

The Chinese Communist Party looks in the eyes, anxious in the heart, want to punish Taiwan, but there are not too many weapons in hand, the heart to fight a war, their own bottom is not enough, think about it, only left to ban pineapple a trick, really laughing at the death of a person without Life compensation.

Taiwan’s economic strength now, how will take a small pineapple as a matter of course? TSMC business are hundreds of billions of dollars, foreign capital inflow is also tens of billions of billions of dollars, Taiwan high-tech production personnel shortage, the rapid rise in wages, living standards continue to improve, pineapple problem is simply a piece of cake. Needless to say, the mainland market is gone, the world market has expanded, this and that, there is an increase in revenue, and the Chinese Communist Party can do nothing about it?

TSMC’s Nanjing plant, now only 18 nanometers, the United States plant can already produce 5 nanometers, Taiwan plant this year to produce 3 nanometers, 2 nanometers to follow, 1 nanometer is also in progress. Now if Taiwan can supply 5nm chips to the CCP, I’m afraid Xi Jinping would have to bow.

The Chinese Communist Party sees Taiwan pinching its own neck, red-eyed and anxious, is at a loss as to how to spend the day, the pineapple to play with a little, self venting, so small and petty, is really not too long. The U.S. high-tech embargo is pushing the CCP to the brink of extinction. In three to five years, the CCP’s economy, science and technology, and military will be strangled, and by then they will only be beaten.

What the Chinese Communist Party is demonstrating is to lift a stone and smash its own feet, so that the world can see the joke.