Election fraud. The world is watching America.

The current United States election has so far touched the nerves of countries all over the world, and everyone is paying close attention to it. The focus of attention is whether President Trump’s vote was deliberately stolen or tampered with, and whether the election will end in fairness and justice.

Speaking of President Trump, perhaps the American “mainstream media” does not like him, politicians do not appreciate him, the elite do not like him, and many people did not vote for him. However, there are still 72 million voters praise him, which shows that the general public who support him love the president. The reason is simple: because he succeeded in turning the Republican Party into the party of the people, representing the interests of the blue collar, farmers and the lower classes, the people’s lives have only got better since he came to power.

Some supporters say he pushed for the return of industrial chains and the creation of domestic jobs on all fronts, so that more and more unemployed people found their dignity as human beings by earning their own living, from being lazy people on the dole to being dignified taxpayers. This move has saved countless families from the storm and warmed the hearts of the poor even more.

Other supporters say he doesn’t become president for money. All U.S. presidents have been paid at least $400,000 a year, except for him, who gets only a token dollar and has cut the White House staff dedicated to serving the president’s family. He does not swing the presidential spectrum, does not earn presidential money, the figure is just to keep the United States on the road to socialism, advocating a return to traditional values, seeking to preserve the foundations of the United States, and thus make America great again. And he has been working diligently toward that goal since his first day in office. Before the epidemic, a variety of real data showed that in just three short years, America had the highest employment rate in 50 years, the lowest unemployment rate, and the fastest and strongest economic growth. He accomplished more in three years and did more for the country than his predecessor did in eight years. The American people have been blessed to have such a President!

Another supporter said, compare and see how many leaders had been in the hundreds of thousands or millions before he came to power, but which one of them right now is not worth over a hundred million? Did they ever use their power to sell out their country in exchange for this wealth? In contrast, President Trump has shut down several of his businesses to avoid conflicts of interest and is dedicated to the well-being of the American people. What is it about such a president that is not worthy of the love of his people?

It has been shown that President Trump is a doer, not a politician! While at times his individual statements were not in the tone of a statesman, what he did directly represented the interests of the flat-earthers who make up the vast majority of the American population. That’s why his supporters are unanimous: he is the greatest president since Lincoln and Reagan!

However, many evidences have clearly shown that he is well loved by the people and that the votes obtained in the general election were stolen and tampered with by unscrupulous groups because they were so high, which is currently awaiting the verdict of the judicial investigation. Due to the extreme pressure from the evil forces, everyone involved is facing a major test of their conscience or whether to turn their backs on it. It can be said that this is not just a presidential election, but a heavenly sifting of those who still have a good conscience and are worthy to be God’s people.

Right now, the whole world is witnessing what every self-proclaimed “People of God” party leader, judge, lawyer, elite, media, especially those who are still conscientious and well-informed will do, that is, at this solemn and sacred moment of the election, whether they can really “walk with God” – that is, to promote the righteousness, abandon the evil, and work together to restore the truth of the election.

If there is indeed systemic fraud, then what everyone’s heart and worship God wants to see must be – justice for President Trump! Give the U.S. Constitution back its dignity! Justice for the American people! To give the world an exemplary image of a “beacon of freedom and democracy”!

Conversely, if the American people allow the Constitution to be trampled and evil to triumph over justice in this election, let alone what will happen to the American people, how will the United States conduct itself before the nations of the world? What will the international community say about today’s American government and the American people? If the United States cannot even manage its own election, how can it have the face to “administer justice” and what qualifications will it have to “lead the world” in international affairs in the future?