Chinese People’s March Against Fraudulent Elections

Yesterday I went to a march of half a million people against fraudulent elections, and as a Chinese who has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years, and as a Chinese expatriate who doesn’t want the U.S. to be controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, I also wanted to stand up and express my dissatisfaction with this election, and also to see how Americans are expressing their feelings.

Before I went, even though I knew it was an all-American march, I really didn’t expect that people would come from all over the United States, and in large numbers. The first one I met was a Chinese from Pennsylvania, and I was stunned. The most noticeable thing was the various flags, and all kinds of colors, white, black, South American, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and many of them had their country’s name written in them. The people I’ve met and talked to include those from North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Hawaii, Iowa, Tennessee, New York, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland.

This is a very rational group of people whose slogans are mainly against election fraud, but of course they also mention their love for Trump, and the phrase: Chris is King, not that Trump is King, and many of them believe that Trump was chosen by God. Most of these people are supposed to believe in God.

I thought most of the people who came would be young people, but as you walked through the crowd you noticed that there were people of all ages, children who came with their parents, young people, middle-aged people, and quite a few older people as well.

The words of the elderly man from Iowa spoke volumes about America’s deep desire for freedom: I didn’t want to come to this gathering at all, but I had to come this time, along with several elderly people, and it wasn’t an easy trip for them. We talked about how Americans have become what they are today, and we all agreed that it’s because we don’t believe in God anymore, he said: when we were kids in school, we had to pray every day, but now that ritual has long since been removed from the campus, and we met an elderly couple from Tennessee who didn’t even know Congress very well, and two of them just came.

I was told the rally might not be safe today, but I encountered a young mother pushing two children no more than three, the children’s eyes curiously looking around. I asked her why she was here and she said without hesitation: I was “fighting” for them. I’m not a journalist and I had no guidance, so what she said was completely from the bottom of her heart.

What’s a “Fight”, isn’t that how you walk? But this simple phrase has always made me think about the meaning behind it, and when I got home I finally figured out that it’s about responsibility. The Chinese also talk about people to the heart. Including those old people, although they are just walking, they are really fighting for freedom. No regrets for the future. And why am I so surprised? Because most people in Chinese society nowadays don’t have this level of thinking anymore, and it has become dominant, and those Chinese who do still have the ability to stand up for themselves need to withstand a lot of social and family pressure to do so. Is there a word of responsibility in our Chinese culture? No, there is too much of it, the essence of serving the country with loyalty, the country is in trouble, and it is the responsibility of the individual to worry about the world before the world. It is the CCP that has erased the essence of our culture alive.

Judy from Indiana talked to me for a long time and also deeply stabbed me from the state of God, she said: I prayed with God, my body is willing to serve you completely, whatever you ask me to do, I will do it unconditionally. She said she got the message that Trump was God’s choice, and four years ago she started running for Trump’s election, with the couple driving to various places to hold and attend support events. She said she was convinced that Trump would win, and the reason for the ups and downs was to remind people to cherish their hard-won freedoms and to really believe in God. The couple had the privilege of seeing Trump off on the plane there, and she said he was very peaceful and unassuming, and that the energy that they both said he carried was quite strong and very evident. Another elderly American grandmother also told me: when I saw this situation, the first thing I did was to pray to God and ask Him to definitely help Trump. And how many of us Chinese would still say that? The Chinese Communist Party, which doesn’t believe in God at all, doesn’t talk about divine mandate, it’s not democratically elected according to the West, and it’s really illegal for it to control China now. But in the minds of most Chinese people it has long been afraid to think like that. If the United States continues to be controlled by the left media, China’s today will be America’s tomorrow. These good Americans who believe in God are really “Fighting” for freedom, but also for God’s action.

I asked him how he knew about it, and he said he found it on the Internet. Now that the so-called mainstream media don’t report the real news, he had to find the real voice on his own, so he found the Epoch, as if he had found his home.

When I told an elderly American how the CCP was persecuting the Chinese people, he said: you should go on stage and say it. Let those who want socialism listen to your voice. I had never thought about it before, but after the “Fight” process with real Americans, I felt that I had finally merged with traditional Americans, and I said to him: I am willing to stand up and tell about the evil of the CCP, and to fight for freedom with Americans.